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Hi. I’m Mark Newton. I’ll help you get focused and get moving.

A Brief Professional Resume

I began my professional career as an architect in San Francisco. I liked this work a lot, and learned how to make a living designing buildings. But what I really wanted was to not only design something beautiful, but also build it myself.

So, I went to work for a building contractor, working my way up from laborer to carpenter to foreman to construction superintendent; working within the pressure-cooker of high dollars and high expectations in the Bay Area. I wanted to shape space more directly, working with interesting clients and co-workers. Still, something was missing.

What happened next?

While still working in construction, I taught at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, as a design instructor. I loved working with students, and was able to help them with both the design and building process. But what I realized during this time was that what I loved more than anything else was the interactions with the students themselves. About this time, someone helped me understand that some people are more geared toward working on things, while other people get more enjoyment from working with people. I decided that I am one of those people who loves most to work with people.

My last building project was within earshot of a local seminary. During lunch time I would walk over there. I decided to attend the seminary, with the thought that perhaps I’d be able to work with people more directly as a pastor. I know — what was I thinking? There must have been other ways to work with people that fit me better than becoming a pastor! But I did work with three different communities of faith, encouraging community members to shape their lives in ways that brought them freedom and happiness to the best of my ability, within that context. The thing is, I’m not a religious person. So while I loved working with the people, being a pastor was ultimately not a great fit for me. 

And that’s how I became a life coach.

So I thought: How can I work with people, without the religious part? And that’s when I discovered the profession of life coaching. At the same time, I wondered: who am I most qualified to work with? What I know best in life is how to be a creative man. So I decided to become a life coach focused on helping creative, overwhelmed men. As a men’s life coach, I draw upon my training and life experiences to help you achieve what you most want in your personal and professional lives. 

What am I focused on as your coach?

I’m focused on you. This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of coaching program. I am focused on you as a unique human, in ways that are specific to you and your unique circumstances. 

get focused

Let’s get focused.


I work with men who are struggling to move ahead in their professional and personal lives. How do I do it? 

1. I ask great questions that will stretch you and make you think.

2. Then I follow your answers to those questions to get to the heart of the problem quickly.

3. I help you make connections you may never have noticed before.

4. And then understand your options. Having choices and stating intentions is key to success and happiness.

5. From your options, we’ll make a plan that fits your needs specifically.

6. I’ll hold you accountable to that plan. 

7. And I’ll help you gain the confidence to keep moving on your own.

Why get focused?

Because we need you at your best.

Here’s the problem: 

You’re not bringing your best today. Instead, you’re pinned down and conflictedAnd when you feel that way, you become like a cornered dog — desperateHenry David Thoreau wrote this, in his book, Walden


“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Our challenge is tget out of that desperate place. And to do it now. Don’t waste another day. Get focused and get moving.

Right now, you feel overwhelmed and stuck for unique and specific reasons, and it’s hard to ask for help because you’re smart and can usually figure stuff out on your own.

I won’t offer you pity. Instead, I’ll offer you my services. It’s a fair trade. You pay me — and I coach you to quickly get focused and get moving again.

Why do I coach men?

What I’ve found throughout a diverse professional life is a way to bring my experiences in business and working with people together in my current work as a wrtier and coach. In a nutshell, here’s what I’ve learned: 


It takes just as long to design and build a mediocre project as it does to create a wonderful, amazing one. And I hate wasting time.


The main difference between the creation of an excellent project and a mundane one is that only when you understand and accurately define the problem — only then — it becomes possible to discover an elegant solution.

And so this has become my unique genius — 

To help you accurately define and solve the real problem you are faced with — So you can get focused and get moving again.


This is my unique offering: to help you see yourself clearly, and then affirm and develop your own unique genius. And that’s not easy to do on your own — mainly because you’re too close to your own life. And this is why I am here to help you.

Why work with me?

Because I’m experienced, and I’m local.

There are lots of good coaches out there. From Tony Robbins to Seth Godin and beyond — Tons of podcasts and self-help books and resources everywhere you look.

So — why work with me?


  • I’m not a therapist — I’m a coach.
  • I work with you directly to help you solve your problem specifically.
  • I won’t let you off the hook.
  • I’ll help you create a plan quickly and efficiently.
  • And I’ll hold you accountable to that plan.

Is life coaching worth the investment?


  • because you’ll save time — instead of continuing to waste time doing what you’ve always done.

  • because you’ll save money — and reach your goals sooner than if you keep struggling on your own.

  • and because you’ll feel better when you overcome the resistance that’s holding you back.

The next move is yours to make.

Take one small step today.

Because the first step is yours to make. It all starts with your free 30 minute consultationAnd to begin the process —

I’m just a click away.

And even if you’re not sure you’re ready — You’ll be glad if you get started.

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I’m looking forward to working with you!

Want more help?

You have several options for your next step. You could read more about this topic. Or you could contact me and describe what you're going through. And I'll be in touch with suggestions. Or you can book a free session to make a time to get together and talk it over by phone. Either way, I'm here to help you focusovercome resistance, and get moving again.

Get focused and Get moving.