Life Coaching for Men

Why life coaching for men?

Why have I dedicated my professional life to providing career and life coaching for men?

I have nothing against women.

In fact, many of my clients are in relationships with women —

And I have the opportunity to meet with these women as part of my work with men.

And I myself have been happily married for 35 years to the same woman.

But the fact is, I’m a man, and have been one now for 59 years now.

So I feel most qualified to work with men.

And while all men are different, there are some things that many men share in common.

So for these and other reasons, I have made the primary focus of my coaching practice to focus on the needs of men.

Men are different.

And the fact is — men are a unique kind of human being.

Women know this, and so do men.

Men need to succeed in ways that are unique to men.

We need to be challenged in ways that women sometimes don’t understand.

Our brains are hard-wired for certain activities that can cloud our vision.

And yet, we have needs that are often suppressed and unexpressed.

Men need to talk, too.

And it’s amazing how few male life coaches there are out there.

There are lots of soccer coaches, baseball coaches, and other sports coaches —

But not many male life coaches.

Why is that?

Because men, on the whole, don’t know how to talk about themselves very well.

We have deep emotions, but we often don’t know how to talk about these emotions.

We need to let it out.

When I was about 11 years old, my mom and dad were divorcing — a difficult emotional time.

My dad had emotions that he was wrestling with, and didn’t know who to talk to.

So he talked to me.

And so I began coaching my dad through some difficult times when I was about 11 years old.

And for some reason, he wanted to talk with me about his emotions.

You’d have to ask him, of course, but I got early feedback from him that my listening was helpful.

So I realized at a young age that I had this ability to help men — beginning with my dad — to talk about difficult emotions.

Ready for a change?

And now, at this point in my coaching career — I’ve been listening to men for a long time.

So when you talk to me, I’m skilled at helping you hear where you’re coming from, where you’re struggling —

And quickly and effectively helping you to understand the patterns and events that have shaped your life.

And once you understand the forces that have shaped your life —

You may be surprised how quickly you are able to make the needed mid-course corrections that lead to success and happiness.

In fact, the main thing I do for you is help you get perspective and focus

So you can stand back and see your life —

And then put an effective plan into place to attain what’s missing in your life.

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life coaching for men

Life coaching for men