Booking a life coaching session is easy.

life coaching session

So start by booking your free life coaching session.


The first step is to book your free 30 minute session.

And once you book that session

I’ll send you a welcome packet to get you ready for your free session.

OK. And then what?

Next, you fill out that welcome packet, and and send it back to me prior to your free session. 

  • We’ll meet over the phone for 30 minutes.
  • I’ll listen to your story and ask you questions.
  • And you can ask me any questions you’d like to ask, too.

During that first free session, we’ll decide whether have a fit for coaching.

And if we decide that we do have a fit for coaching — we’ll set up more sessions and get to work.

So let’s consider what would happen if we did decide to work together.

So first of all —

During a typical 30 minute session — Normally, you’d come to my studio in Northeast Portland. But for the time being, during the pandemic, we’ll meet over the phone.

Keep in minds that this is not a therapy session — it’s a coaching session.

Which means that I won’t just sit there and let you drone on.

Instead, we’ll be actively working —

  • clarifying,
  • questioning,
  • challenging.

And at the end of the session, you’ll get homework. In other words, what you’ll be expected to accomplish before our next session.

Then after your session, I’ll send you notes reminding you of what we discussed and what we agreed that you’ll be working on.

So you’ll have homework, with 1-5 specific items.

And there may be reading and writing.

Because the whole point of our work is to move you forward —

Which is going to take some work on your part.

Expect to get focused and get moving.

Because between sessions, I’ll check up on you. And I’ll encourage you. 

But I’ll also hold you accountable.

And I encourage you to be in touch with me — Because you may want to clarify or get help with what you’re working on or struggling with.

And for maximum progress, I like to meet with my clients once a week until we’re done — 

Because time gaps of more than a week tend to decrease the effectiveness of our coaching relationship — and slow your progress. 

Expect motivation.

It’s my job to motivate you and keep you moving. 

What you get is 30 minutes of unmatched clarity, motivation, accountability and a clear plan of action. Plus ongoing support for the one business week following the session.

And I encourage you to be in touch with me between sessions. Because the more you’re in touch with me — the more value you get for your coaching dollar.

But is coaching worth the money?

You decide.

But how do you know if coaching is for right for you?

You might say you:

  • have lost your focus.
  • feel like you’re falling behind.
  • suffer from general anxiety or depression.
  • feel like you’ve lost your way.
  • can’t seem to get motivated on your own.

And if this sounds like you —

You’ll benefit from a life coaching session.


Because with life coaching, you will actively create a plan for personal success and happiness —

And follow through this time

Because you’ll have an experienced life coach to work with — who won’t let you fake it.

And because when you work with me, you will:

Take one small step today.


Because the first step is yours to make.

When you’re ready, I’m just a click away.

And even if you’re not sure you’re completely ready —

You can book your free session to find out more.

Just click the button below —

And you’ll be taken to a scheduling page where you can book your free 30 minute introductory session.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Want more help?

Get focused and Get moving.