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Because you came here for a reason.

 And the reason is because you’ve lost your focus —

And you want to get it back.

 So ask yourself these 6 basic questions —

This simple life coaching tip will save you time and money.

That’s right —  the first part of the journey is to take a close look at how you see yourself.

Because until you have a clearer sense of yourself — Even the smallest things can feel overwhelming.

 So read these short articles to explore this key question.

And this little tip is the key to motivation.


Because at the heart of motivation is a want.

 So if you don’t know what you want, it’s hard to get moving.

 Whereas when you want something enough, you’ll focus on getting it.

 But if you’re not sure  —

Or want lots of things, but aren’t sure which of them is most important — you’ll have a hard time moving forward.

 So read these articles about knowing what you want

Which still leaves the question of why.

Because even if you know what you want, you may not know why you don’t have it.

So if this sounds like you —

Spend a few minutes in this section.

And then, consider this:

“Even if I could figure out what I want — “

And then there is the question of time…

Time is an essential element of any good plan.

 But have you considered — and really focused on — this key element?

 The element of time?

And once you have a good idea of when you can have it —

you’ll want to know:

But where is it?

Because there’s nothing more frustrating than knowing what you want —

 But not being sure where to get it.

And finally:

How would I get there?

Because after you’ve figured out the:

Who, the

What, the

Why, the

Where, and the


You’ll want to know

how to get what you want.

So to find out how — look here:

And finally, a little life coaching tip on how.

But —

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