Overwhelmed? There are three good reasons for that. 

First, you lost your focus. It may have been a big, life-changing event. Or it may have been a series of small bumps in the road. But you lost your focus.

Then, you lost your motivation. Because when you lost your focus you also lost your motivation. So you let deadlines and opportunities slip past you, which means that now — 

So now, you feel overwhelmed. And you don’t even know where to begin. Because the problem has become too big now — buried beneath a pile of frustration and regret. And to make matters worse, you don’t have time for this.

Get your focus back.


— or —

What happened to your focus?

First, you got distracted. And then you let things pile up. And now you’re overwhelmed. But you don’t have to stay that way unless you want to. Because you can get your focus back and tell a better story. Here’s how.

First of all, is it too late?

No. It’s not too late. And here’s why. Awhile back — it may have been recently, or a long time ago — you lost your focus. And at first, you didn’t even notice that you’d lost it. Because chances are, you were busy at the time. And more than likely, you thought that you were focused as you followed a path that has led you to today. But you may realize now that what you thought was a path was actually a rabbit hole. And you just kept getting deeper and deeper into that hole. 

Because you feel a bit lost.

But after awhile, you may have noticed that you weren’t where you wanted to be. And by then it may have felt like it was too late. And for a variety of reasons, you began to feel overwhelmed.

But it’s not too late.

But it is far from too late. In fact, there is nothing about your journey so far that was a waste of time — as long as you learn from it. And so the challenge is to take everything that’s happened so far. And instead of being anxious or depressed about it, to reframe it into a new chapter of the story you are telling. Because if you don’t like the story you’ve been telling so far, now is a good time to tell a better story. And here’s how.

It’s time to tell a better story.

Because with the skill of storytelling, you will have the power to change your life’s direction. But up until now, you have been listening far too much to the stories that others have been telling about you. And whether the story was a glowing rendition of how wonderful you were (which you knew was not completely true) or a tale of how horrible you were (which was also not completely true) — it was someone else’s story. But now it’s time to tell your own story.

But what is a story?

Because if you’re going to tell a better story, you’ll want to know what a story is. Because a story starts with a person with a preexisting problem. And then that person goes in search of a solution to that problem. And the person — the main character — must make a change. Moreover, that change must address the problem, and tell us something essential about what it means to be human. Because stories are far more than idle entertainment. In fact, stories are what happen inside our brains to keep us alive and on course. And a good story is far more than a simple series of unfortunate events or even an interesting series of fortunate events. 

A good story has a clear goal.

Because for it to be a good story, it must begin with a protagonist (that’s you) having a big and difficult goal. Otherwise, there’s really no point in reading any further. Because if there’s not a clear goal, it truly is just a series of unrelated facts. But with a goal, you now have something that glues the whole thing together. Because we know what you’re going for. And once you have a clear goal, you’ll get an increasingly difficult series of challenges which will conspire to keep you from achieving your goal.

But why do I need a clear goal?

Think of it this way. And as boring as you might already think soccer is, imagine soccer without any goals. Because without goals, the game of soccer would be just a bunch of people running around on the field doing — what? And it’s the same with a poor version of a story. Because without a clear goal, it’s just you, running around on your “field,” doing — what? So you need a clear goal.

Because then your story makes sense.

So once you have a clear goal, you can then bring in the events of your story — including your history — the stuff that has brought you to this moment — and the stuff you’re doing now, during your day. Because once the goal is clear, the plot’s job is to make it increasingly difficult for you to reach your goal. Again, in soccer terms, if we have a goals at either end of the field, and there are excellent defenders you have to get past in order to score, the game now becomes a whole lot more interesting — and has a clear focus.

And we get to cheer for you.

Because when you have a clear goal, we know when to cheer for you. And because we now know what you’re going for, we can get engaged with your quest to get past those awful defenders on the other side, and score. And we can also now look forward to jumping to our feet to celebrate when you finally do score.

But how does telling a better story help me feel less overwhelmed?

Because when you feel overwhelmed, one of the main problems is that your goal isn’t clear. But once you reframe your story and your goal is clear, you begin to move through a meaningful plot. And your challenge will be clear. And once your challenge is clear, you’ll get focused on achieving that goal with much better attention and much clearer motivation. 

Because you’ll be focused and moving again.

And once that happens, you’ll be moving in the right direction, and knowing whether you’re getting there — or not. And knowing that will help you overcome your feelings of being overwhelmed. Because you’ll have less time for all the nonsense that’s been distracting you thus far and piling up. And you’ll be moving again.

Want more help?

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, I’m just a click away. You have a couple of options for your next step. You could contact me, and describe what you’re going through. And I’ll be in touch with suggestions. Or you can book a free session to make a time to get together and talk it over in person. Either way, I’m here to help you focus and overcome the resistance that’s holding you back — with whatever you’re facing today.

Get focused and get moving.