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Shop here for short courses that will give you the skill you need fast — without losing depth — and at an unbeatable price.


Why Coach Yourself?

Because you can.

Especially if what you need is one skill in a particular area —

So you can save time and money — by focusing your efforts directly.

Get the skill you need — fast.

So —

I offer short courses that give you a specific skill.

So that for a fraction of the cost —

You can learn and apply a practical habit or routine that will make a real difference.

Without losing depth.

And —

Because each course is short and to the point, you get in-depth coaching on that one subject — and at your own pace.

So that rather than covering many things broadly, short courses cover one subject in depth.


At an unbeatable price.

At just $29.99, you won’t find a better value.

Skill — from a seasoned coach.

Focused — so you won’t waste any time.

And far less expensive than even one in-person session with any good coach.

The store is now open.

Check out the first offering, below.

And watch this space for more short courses — coming soon.

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