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Small Books: How to get the skill you need fast — without losing depth.

How do you get the skill you need fast — without losing depth? Through Small Books.


Get the skill you need — fast.

Because what you need is not more information.

You already have more than enough information.


What you need is skill — and fast.

Enter Small Books.

Why Small Books?

Because Small Books gives you what other resources don’t give you — the speed you need.

Because you have a pretty good idea about what you need.

You just don’t know where to get what you need, quickly and efficiently — so you can get your show back on the road.

The question is — where do I get the skill I need quickly, and in a way that teaches me how to apply a practical habit or routine that will make a real difference?

Through Small Books.

But won’t I lose depth?


In fact, because each book is short and to the point, what you get is depth on that one subject — without belaboring the point, but without losing depth.

Rather than covering many things broadly, Small Books covers one subject in depth.

So with Small Books you get to choose between many specific topics — to work on the specific problem that you need to solve.

That’s the whole point of Small Books — choice and depth.

For example:

Let’s say you know that your problem is procrastination.

And you know you need to get over this sometimes debilitating deficit.

But you’re not doing anything about it, partly because when you go to the self – help section at the book store, there are so many books — and the books are so long and daunting.

What you need is to address your procrastination problem quickly and get moving.

Practical Help — Quickly

This is what Small books will address.

That gap between your need for skill and your need for speed.

So watch this page for this new resource — coming soon.