Trusted Resources in Portland, Oregon

Below are trusted resources I know and trust.

trusted resources

Trusted and professional resources here in the Portland area.

Because I am a men’s life coach, I am focused on working with men —

And on bringing out each man’s unique genius.

But I also know and admire many professionals here in Portland —

Who can help you in areas that I don’t address in my business.

So, I recommend these folks to you without reservation.

Because their consistency and dedication may be a help to you.

Feel free to contact them — and let you know I sent you their way.

And please be sure to tell me about your experience with them.



As you know, I am a men’s life & career coach, not a therapist.

I do recognize that there are times when a therapist may be what you want or need.

If so, I recommend that you seek counsel from one of my colleagues at Wise Counsel and Comfort.


Wise Counsel and Comfort


Life & career coaching, just for women

Because I am a life and career coach for men, I do not coach women individually.

So if you are looking for an excellent life & career coach who sees women only, I highly recommend Savannah Mayfield.


Savannah Mayfield


Sex Coaching for women and couples

My specialty is helping creative men get over overwhelm.

Sometimes, this means really looking deeply at sexuality.

But since that’s not my specialty, I recommend to you someone who specializes in this specific area.

Kristine D’Angelo’s specialty is coaching women and couples through exploring their sexuality, sexual needs and finding fulfillment encouraging her clients to experience a healthy approach to their sexuality.  She asks the important question: Where do you want your sex-life to be 6 months from now?

Kristine D’Angelo

Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

There are times when you’d like to be able to speak with a trusted advisor who really knows Portland real estate, without getting all the hype.

Morgan Davis and his team are adept and understanding you — individually..


Morgan Davis Homes

And I welcome your feedback. Please contact me at with further questions or concerns about trusted resources in Portland, Oregon.