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What To Expect

Here’s what to expect from me as your career and life coach:

what to expect from a life coach

Hi, this is Mark Newton, owner and coach at Overcoming Gravity.

If you are considering spending your hard-earned money on coaching, you should have a good sense of what to expect.

Here’s what to expect:

The first step is yours to make.

It all starts with your free 30 minute consultation.

Make an appointment by calling me at 971-219-7343 to set up a time or by going to my booking site at Genbook, where you can easily book your first appointment.

The first 30 minute session is free. This session is to give us a chance to meet one another and “kick the tires,” so to speak. This first meeting gives me the opportunity to hear your story and evaluate whether or not I believe I can help you, given my set of skills and what you are looking for. This same first meeting gives you the opportunity to ask me questions and get a feeling for what I offer and whether I will be the right coach for you. At that first meeting, we will review, and perhaps sign, a coaching agreement that outlines such things as confidentiality and initial goals.

The first 60 minute session might be free, too. If, during our first 30 minute session, we agree to move ahead in a coaching relationship, I minimize your risk by offering my unique “Success Or It’s Free Guarantee.” This guarantee says that if we do decide to enter into a coaching relationship and you are not completely satisfied with your first 60 minute session, that session is free as well. (If you are satisfied, you will pay for the first 60 minutes session and ongoing sessions).

A typical 60 minute session goes like this: In the context of your goals, you come to my office and we have a conversation. It’s not a therapy session. It’s a coaching session, meaning that I won’t just sit there and let you drone on. I’ll be in conversation with you — asking you clarifying questions, helping you hear and see yourself, often challenging your thinking. Remember — we are working on your goals, and moving you forward. At the end of the session, we will agree on your homework — what you will accomplish before our next session.

After your session, I will send you notes reminding you of what we discussed and what you agreed to work on.

There may be reading and writing. I may suggest supplemental texts to move your toward your specific goals.

You will have homework, with 1-5 specific items. The point of our work is to move you forward, which is going to take work on your part.

During the time between sessions, I may check up on you to encourage you, and you are free to be in touch with me by email or telephone, within reason, to clarify or get help with what you are working on or struggling with.

I meet with my clients every other week. Time gaps of more than two weeks tend to seriously decrease the effectiveness of our coaching relationship.

My fee for a one hour session is currently $175.00, but I am open to hearing of compelling circumstances in your life that keep you from paying my full fee. I am sometimes open to working with you at a lower fee.