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One simple structure


The sooner you stop wishing things were different than they actually are and simply accept what’s right in front of you, the sooner you will begin to trust yourself to develop a new set of facts over which you have more control.


Let’s say you’re in a job or a relationship that doesn’t fit you. To accept this fact might mean that you need to make some changes. And, yes. Change is uncomfortable. Even if your current job or relationship isn’t all that great, at least you have it. Still, the sooner you say clearly what isn’t working, the sooner you can begin to make changes for the better.


Here’s what you can expect during our work together: Accepting the facts will be hard at first. You will resist saying what is actually going on, because even if you don’t like your current situation, it has its comforts. But you will be amazed at how expressing the facts will give you a solid foundation to build upon.

One simple structure


Next, say out loud what you most deeply want, in light of the facts. Once you have some facts in hand, you can begin to say what you truly want, and trust that it’s not just pie in the sky. Why? Because you will be dreaming with your feet on the ground. Too often, we either dream impossible dreams or don’t dream at all. With the foundation of facts under us, you can begin to build what you want, and trust that you can achieve it.


Here’s what you can expect from our work together: At first, you might feel stress. You might think, “I don’t even know what I want! My dreams will never come true anyway!” But you might be surprised. When you set your dreams alongside the structure of the facts, your focus will become clear, perhaps for the first time. You will see new possibilities as the power of limits opens up your creative brain to press against those limits.

One simple structure


Make a plan and follow through with it. This may feel overwhelming at first. But with practice, you will get better at setting reasonable goals for yourself, and feeling good as you accomplish those goals. As you feel the overwhelm begin to leave your body, you might feel yourself wanting to stretch or yawn or laugh, as control begins to fill your veins again. It feels good! Because when you didn’t trust yourself, your sense of agency and choice suffered. And along with them, you suffered. But in the connect phase, you will begin to take control of your life again.


Expect to feel happy, perhaps for the first time in a long time, as your sense of control returns.

One simple structure

Why work with me?


Because I can help you rebuild your confidence quickly. And because this is life coaching, not therapy. Which means you’ll get real projects to move you forward. There is a place for therapy, of course. But when you want to make solid, practical progress, coaching is what you’re looking for. Therapy mostly looks at where you’ve been. Coaching takes you where you are, gathers enough of your back story to be relevant, and moves you forward. You will also enjoy the structure and accountability of coaching.

One simple structure

Enjoy the results!

Working with Mark has really helped me to get all of my creative brain with all its plans into really thinking about the next steps as to where I’d like to take it. No question is ever off the table when working with Mark! He’s really patient and offers amazing insight and takes you deeper into learning how to expand upon the areas in your life you’re looking to tackle. I would highly recommend Mark Newton Life Coaching.

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One simple structure

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with any given session, simply let me know within 24 hours following the session and you will not be charged for that session.

How much does it cost?

The first session is free. We will listen to your concerns, talk about how to move ahead in your particular situation, and explore whether we have a fit for coaching. You will have time to ask any questions you may have about me or about the coaching process. If we decide to work together, the cost is $250.00 for two business weeks of work, Monday through Friday. For that fee, you receive one thirty-minute session in person or by phone, plus two business weeks of follow up support by text, email, and the occasional follow-up phone call. 

Where do we meet?



We have several options for meeting.


One of the great things about the one simple structure is that it is portable. We can meet inside the studio here, in person, at 1923 NE Broadway in Portland. Or we can walk from here into the quiet neighborhood nearby (I have umbrellas for rainy days, if we choose that option). We can also meet by phone.

I look forward to meeting you!

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