about mark newton

About Coach Mark

Hi. I’m Mark Newton. 

My main focus as your coach is to help you design and build the life you’ll love coming home to.

I love live performance and anything well-designed or well-built. I’ve been an architect, a building contractor, a spiritual guide and coach.

I’ve been married to the same amazing woman for over forty years. Our adult children are now actively pursuing their own paths as creative and caring people. Our family includes two golden-retriever/black lab canines named Rocky and Duma. Bachelor brothers, they are remarkably agile for their fourteen years.

I love to write. I am currently working on an historical novel, Monet’s Apprentice. The story centers upon the young artist Lucien who, in 1870’s Paris, loses his “lucky painting” to the powerful actress Rosine. Lucien’s quest to retrieve both his painting and his dignity amidst the class struggles following the Siege of Paris and the Paris Commune will resonate with readers across many political and artistic landscapes.

I am an avid walker. My happy place is the beach, especially one particular Oregon beach. I love to walk the entire day on sugar sand, letting my mind wander, picking up pieces from the past. I lose myself in the ancient forest following elk trails until I am thoroughly lost to the cares of the world with its many demands, where I can hear the surf pounding in the distance and feel the beating of my own heart.

You may have seen me walking to or from my studio on NE Broadway and all around Portland wearing a wide brimmed straw hat on sunny days, and a dark blue cap on the many days when it’s cloudy. 

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