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As you consider which option is best for you, I am happy to answer your questions related to coaching and the coaching process. It is essential as you search for the right coach that you are able to satisfy your curiosity. For example, you might want to know more about the structure of the program here at Overcoming Gravity. Or you might want to know more about me. There are no questions off the table as you pursue what will be an important investment in your well-being. 

You have several options to ask your questions in person or over the phone. I offer a free 15 minute clarity call, if you want to check what you are looking for against what I offer. Or you may want to go a bit more in depth with a free 30 minute session over the phone or in person at my studio in NE Portland.

My approach to coaching is from a story perspective. I help you listen to your story and create a compelling narrative that addresses your unique quest. We will look at the facts of your situation, explore what you want in light of those facts, and set in motion specific actions which will help you realize your dreams.

Please feel free to ask your question. I will be happy to respond. 

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