Overcoming Gravity Men's Life Coaching Portland

Overcoming Gravity Men’s Life Coaching Portland

Communication can be scary.

So you hold back.

But holding back only makes things worse. Because men need to move, and right now, you’re frozen. And when you freeze, you over-think. And when you over-think, the paralysis of analysis sinks deeply into your bones. Which then throws off your balance. Which means your feeble attempts to connect feel wooden and awkward. And pretty soon you start to feel like a stranger even to yourself. And so the downward internal spiral continues, getting worse and worse with every interaction or lack thereof, robbing you of any hope you ever had of confident, authentic connection.

But what can you do?

Learn to Swan.

The Swan is the most elegant of all dives. It opens up your chest completely, and makes dives from unimaginable heights possible. At Acapulco, this is the dive form that takes your breath away because it is so beautiful and so unlikely.

But what, in the context of human communication, is the Swan? Similar to the dive it is named for, the Swan opens up your chest; it balances all the forces present in any situation, and helps you dive into troubled waters for the simple thrill of overcoming gravity.

Simply put, to Swan means to:

  • Speak your truth clearly (stop hiding).
  • Wait for a reply (make room to listen to yourself and others).
  • Answer empathetically (build connection).
  • Negotiate fairly (deepen trust).

Once you learn to Swan, you can stop holding back — and dive into the conversation! You will be amazed at how your conversation partners open up when you open up! 

You might be skeptical.

But is human connection really this simple? The short answer is yes. The deepest human experiences are often the simplest ones. The longer answer is, let’s connect in the context of an introductory session. I’ll show you in practical terms how something so simple can be so powerful; how you can open your chest, your mouth and your whole body to connect deeply and reliably with others — when it matters most.

You can do this!

(With a little coaching).

Overcoming Gravity is located at 1923 N.E. Broadway Portland, Oregon.

Feel free to contact me! I am happy to answer any and all questions related to coaching and the coaching process. Because it is essential as you search for the right coach that you are able to satisfy your curiosity. For example, you might want to know more about the structure of the program here at Overcoming Gravity. Or you might want to know more about me. And there are no questions off the table as you pursue what will be an important investment in your well-being! 

My approach to coaching is from a story perspective. I help you listen to your story and create a compelling narrative that addresses your unique quest. We will look at the facts of your situation, explore what you want in light of those facts, and set in motion specific actions which will help you realize your dreams.

So please leave your question, and I will be happy to respond. 

Dive in!

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