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Overcoming Gravity

 Men’s Focus Coaching in Portland.              

men's life coaching, portland

Is persistent procrastination holding you back?

It’s discouraging.

Another day when you didn’t follow through on your good intentions.

All that creative energy, with not enough to show for it.

And it’s not like you’re not busy. You are busy. You’re just not busy with the best stuff.

Plus, the emotional cycle of procrastination is exhausting. You have good intentions. But you don’t follow through on them. Which leads to regret and sometimes shame, until it spirals lower and lower into a feeling of sure and certain defeat. Round and round and round it goes. Where will it stop? Nobody knows.


Let’s move from oof! to woof!

What you need is a simple, reliable system to get your tail wagging again as you win the war against procrastination.

I was once a master procrastinator like you. My procrastination kept me safe, but didn’t serve me well.

So I designed a simple, step-by-step structure to walk confidently through a process that begins with intention and ends in completion.

The GRAVITY method is a process with a proven track record of moving creative men through persistent procrastination.

And we are talking about dyed-in-the-wool procrastinators with a T-shirt to prove it; men who could procrastinate with the best of them, but who now swear by the system they have come to rely on to move them forward, no muss no fuss, without all the emotional baggage from the past. 

Yes to the best.

men's life coaching

Hi. I’m Mark Newton. 

I help creative men say yes to the best and no to the rest.

I would love to show you the GRAVITY system. It is a simple, reliable process which will move you through persistent procrastination, resistance and fear, without losing any of your creative juice.

And yes: my last name is Newton, which means I am predisposed to lean into simple, powerful formulas working with Gravity, like my famous ancestor, Sir Isaac.

And to this add my middle initial E., bringing my full set of initials to M.E.N.

With a name like that, perhaps I was destined to work with creative men here in Portland, responding to the very real gravitational pull of procrastination.

So here we are.

Let’s move on. 

men's life coaching, Portland

What qualifies me to help you?

My design background, coupled with over a decade of coaching creative men here in Portland, means I can guide you through a process of creative life design. 

Together, we will create a custom solution that fits you specifically, when it comes to making decisions you trust and forging ahead with those decisions.

My own creative background grew from my passion, training and professional practice as an architect, builder and designer.

After beginning my professional career as an architect in San Francisco, I taught design at the Academy of Art College down by Pier 39. While still in the Bay Area, I followed my passion to build, working as a carpenter and construction superintendent.

I am currently a men’s life coach here in Portland. 

Simple elegance.

You know something is elegantly designed when the solution fits the problem “just so.”

For example: Old typewriters. These machines are over a hundred years old, yet they work as well today as they did the day they were created. My current favorite is the Underwood 5 from the mid-twenties. I often head up the river from Portland to visit my friend Matt McCormack at Ace Typewriter up in St. John’s.

My favorite architect is Frank Lloyd Wright, probably best known for his design of a house known as “Falling Water,” built over the Bear Run river in Pennsylvania. His solution fits the problem perfectly.

My favorite builder is Christopher Alexander, who wrote the book “A Pattern Language,” which is as much about patterns of human behavior as it is about architecture and building. We will watch for patterns in your life as we work together, and fit the solution to the problem “just so.”

And my favorite writer is Virginia Woolf, perhaps best known for her novel, “To the Lighthouse.” I know of no other novelist who was more adept at describing the human experience and making those feelings accessible to the common reader.

Less anxiety and stress.

Why do I tell you all this? To underline the fact that when you work with me you will experience a unique life-design process, custom tailored to your specific situation.

men's life coaching, Portland

You can expect from our work less stress and anxiety, while doing your best creative work, because you will learn to trust yourself to make great decisions and follow through on those decisions.

As we work together, you will experience:

  • Clarity
  • Laughter
  • A clear plan of action
  • Relevant resources
  • Daily accountability, throughout the day
men's life coaching, Portland

What’s unique?

Clarity and support.

You won’t find another men’s life coach who comes even close to matching the clarity and support I provide on a daily basis. Why? Because our solution to your particular procrastination will be tailor-made to fit you. 


Because I am with you throughout the day to stay focused and on track. I check in with you regularly, and am available to you for strategy checks, relevant resources, and accountability.

That makes sense, right? Because the real work gets done during the day, in the trenches, often at unexpected times.

During these times, when you most need support, you are often left out in the cold, on your own, with other coaches or therapists. Whereas when you work with me, I am there when you need the support.

men's life coaching, Portland

“I feel profoundly fortunate to have Mark Newton as a guide and coach. He is present, positive insightful, generous and smart.

My journey was underway before meeting Mark, but his help in moving through persistent procrastination, resistance and fear has been invaluable.

Mark is equally adept with sensitive matters of the heart and spirit as he is with practical matters of life and business.

And by defining “core issues” Mark helps me maintain focus on our work, keeping my eye on the ball. Go for it!

Why work with me?

Because I am the best men’s clarity coach in Portland.


There are lots of good coaches out there. From Tony Robbins to Seth Godin and beyond — Tons of podcasts and self-help books and resources everywhere you look.

So — why work with me?


  • I’m not a therapist — I’m a coach.
  • I’ll work with you directly to help you solve your problem specifically.
  • I won’t let you off the hook.
  • I’ll help you create a plan quickly and efficiently.
  • I’ll hold you accountable to that plan.
  • I’m local here in Portland, Oregon.

Is men’s life coaching worth the investment?


  • because you’ll save time — instead of continuing to waste time doing what you’ve always done.

  • because you’ll save money — and reach your goals sooner than if you keep struggling on your own.

  • and because you’ll feel better when you overcome the resistance that’s holding you back.

Can men’s life coaching help?

men's life coaching, Portland
Yes. We will identify what you want to be confident at — in both the personal and the professional realms — and build confidence in those areas where you want to feel more confident.

As your coach, I will help you build confidence in relationships, business, leadership, and whatever other facets of your life in which you wish to excel.

The overall goal is to become confident as your most authentic, creative self.

Is coaching therapy?

No. Therapy deals primarily with your past.

Coaching, on the other hand, takes you where you are, gathers enough of your backstory to do relevant work, and moves you forward with concrete steps, encouragement and accountability.

Why a men’s life coach?

Because men are different. Not better or worse than any other gender, just different. And because I specialize in working with men, you will get the focused attention on what is unique about you in the context of what is unique about men.

What to expect.

It’s my job to motivate you and keep you moving. 

Specifically, what you get is one focused half-hour of coaching every other week by phone or in person, with clarity, motivation, and accountability from which we generate a clear plan of action, plus ongoing support for the two business weeks following the session.

I will encourage you to be in touch with me between sessions. Because the more you’re in touch with me — the more value you get for your coaching dollar.

For maximum progress, I like to meet with my clients every 2 weeks until we’re done, either by phone or in person here in Portland.

But you can choose your own rhythm.

While you’re thinking about it…

men's life coaching, Portland

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