Lost your confidence? Get your confidence back quickly with men’s life coach Mark Newton.

men's life coaching, confidence

Why hire a life coach?

Life coaching is different from therapy. Therapy mostly looks back, into your past, while life coaching mainly meets you where you are and moves you forward.

For most things, you don’t need a life coach or a therapist.

But right now, you need help.

It’s frustrating.

You’d rather figure it out on your own, and not have to ask for help.

Yet here you are.

Your confidence is slipping, and you don’t have time for this.

Why hire me, specifically?

What I offer is also unique in the field of life coaching.

I am a specialist in the art of movement. I’ll help you move from “should,” to “want,” to “will,” quickly.

I offer you a solid, tested, tried-and-true structure that will help you seperate fact from fiction.

You can expect rapid progress and renewed confidence within our first few moments together.

men's life coaching, confidence

Read the reviews.

“I feel profoundly fortunate to have Mark Newton as a guide and coach. He is present, positive insightful, generous and smart.

My journey was underway before meeting Mark, but his help in moving through persistent procrastination, resistance and fear has been invaluable.

Mark is equally adept with sensitive matters of the heart and spirit as he is with practical matters of life and business.

And by defining “core issues” Mark helps me maintain focus on our work, keeping my eye on the ball. Go for it!

Want your confidence back?

I can help you rebuild your confidence quickly.

You can expect:

  • perspective.
  • tools and resources.
  • encouragement.
  • a plan of action.
  • accountability.


Let’s talk.

Feel free to book a free 30 minute coaching session.

During the session, either in person or over the phone, you will gain insights about yourself and your situation.

Even if you decide not to pursue a coaching relationship with me after the free session, you can keep the insights you gain at no additional cost.

What is confidence, anyway?

There are many misconceptions about confidence.

Confidence is often confused with charm or charisma. You might know someone who is charming or charismatic. You may be charming or charismatic yourself. But charm and charisma are not the same as confidence.

Confidence is more like riding a bike.

men's life coaching, confidence

Confidence comes with repetition. It’s not inherently good or bad. It’s just what you do over and over. 

For example: if you repeatedly don’t speak up in difficult situations, you will get better and better at not speaking up when the going gets rough. You will become confident at clamming up and muttering under your breath.

If, on the other hand, what you want is to speak up and be heard, you can learn to take small steps with reasonable risks, even when it’s uncomfortable, and you will become more confident at speaking up in even the most difficult situations.

You may have some ideas about an area of your own life or perhaps a relationship or two in which you’d like to feel more confident.

How can life coaching help?

Good question. Coaching is different from therapy. You won’t just be talking about what you want to change, you’ll be doing it.

Coaching is a hands-on process to:

  • identify your resistance to progress
  • gather enough of your backstory to make rapid progress
  • create a plan to move from where you are to where you want to be
  • engage in projects that give you practice becoming your best self
  • stay accountable and carry your plan through to success.

There will be work — specific hands on projects to build your confidence.

How does it work?

We start with a free 30 minute session. Once you book your free session, I will contact you and send you a welcome packet — which you will fill out and return to me prior to our 30 minute phone session.

men's life coaching

During that free session:

  • We’ll talk by telephone or meet in person — your choice.
  • We’ll look at where you’ve been and where you might want to go next.
  • We’ll decide whether we have a fit for coaching.

If we do find a fit, we’ll commit.


Together, we will:

The number of sessions is up to you. I have a simple pricing structure in which you pay as you go.

During a typical 30 minute session — 

Keep in mind that this is not a therapy session — it’s a coaching session, which means that I won’t just sit there and let you drone on.

Instead, we’ll be actively working —

  • clarifying,
  • questioning,
  • challenging.

Then after your session, I’ll send you notes reminding you of what we discussed and what we agreed that you’ll be working on.

You’ll have projects, typically 1-5 specific items.

And there may be reading and writing.

Because the whole point is to move you forward —

Which is going to take some work on your part.

How long does it take?

There are seven basic steps.

If you decide to work with me, we can cover the basics in seven sessions.

You can also work on these areas yourself, or ask me to help you with any or all of them.

The first step is to gather what matters.

If you followed that link, you saw how important it is to have a strong, internal narrative to guide you. With a clear personal narrative, you have a better sense of what you’re about — and what you’re not. Then:

Okay. So you get the idea. There are seven steps, including these first two steps, the second of which reveals a deep and helpful addage: “Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.”

You can explore the remaining five steps now or when we begin our work together.

What does life coaching cost?

I have a simple pricing structure. For two business weeks (Monday – Friday) of working together, which includes:

  • one 30 minute session, either in person or over the phone
  • ongoing support during the two business weeks following the session, by text or email or both

You pay $300.00.

$300.00 for the two business weeks of work, whether we meet every two weeks, once a month, or only occassionally, you get two business weeks of

  • Insight
  • Resources
  • Accountability

To keep you moving forward.

That may seem like a lot. But consider the cost of inaction; of continuing to do what you’ve always done.

The fact is, even if you only booked and paid for one session following our first, free session, you would come out ahead, with what you gained from that first paid session and the two weeks of working together.

I bill the Friday following the session, for the two weeks of work.

Can coaching help?

Yes. We will identify what you want to be confident at — in both the personal and the professional realms — and build confidence in those areas where you want to feel more confident.

As your coach, I will help you build confidence in relationships, business, leadership, and whatever other facets of your life in which you wish to excel.

The overall goal is to become confident as your most authentic, creative self.

Is coaching therapy?

No. Therapy deals primarily with your past.

Coaching, on the other hand, takes you where you are, gathers enough of your backstory to do relevant work, and moves you forward with concrete steps, encouragement and accountability.

Why a life coach in Portland?

Does it even matter anymore where anyone is? Well, actually, yes. When you talk to a local life coach in Portland, Oregon, we do still share some things in common that you won’t find if you’re working with a coach in Portland, Maine. I am a local life coach in Portland, Oregon.

life, coaching,

Why a men’s life coach?

Because men are different. Not better or worse than any other gender, just different. And because I specialize in working with men, you will get the focused attention on what is unique about you in the context of what is unique about men.

What to expect.

It’s my job to motivate you and keep you moving. 

Specifically, what you get each week is one focused half-hour of coaching by phone or in person, with clarity, motivation, and accountability from which we generate a clear plan of action, plus ongoing support for the 2 business weeks following the session.

I will encourage you to be in touch with me between sessions. Because the more you’re in touch with me — the more value you get for your coaching dollar.

Because between sessions, I’ll check up on you. And I’ll encourage you.

But I’ll also hold you accountable.

And I encourage you to be in touch with me — Because you may want to clarify or get help with what you’re working on or struggling with.

For maximum progress, I like to meet with my clients every 2 weeks until we’re done — 

Because time gaps of more than two weeks tend to decrease the effectiveness of our coaching relationship — and slow your progress. 

But you can choose your own rhythm.

Let’s get started.

Mark Newton is a men’s life coach in Portland, Oregon. He is the founder and CRO (Chief Rousting Officer) at Overcoming Gravity. A native of the northwest, Mark has had five careers. After beginning his professional work as an architect in San Francisco, he taught at the Academy of Art College. While still in the Bay Area, he followed his passion to build, working as a carpenter and construction superintendent. Then, for several years, Mark led small, vibrant faith communities in California and Oregon. As a men’s life coach, he coaches men here in Portland. Mark’s pronouns are he, him, and his. He works with men who feel overwhelmed — to get focused and get moving.