Find a Portland life coach who can help you answer this question:

“I’m a pretty smart guy. So why do I feel so stupid?”

men's life coach in Portland

Here’s why.

Because when you lose your focus, you get weighed down by your own thoughts and worries. Which makes you feel like the guy under the rock.

Wouldn’t you rather feel like this?

life coach Portland, focused

You can.

You just need to 



follow through.

But how?


I’m Mark Newton.

I’m a Portland life coach.

men's life coach, focused

I’ll help you get out from under the rock — and start feeling good again.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But does it really work?


Ready to begin?

As we work together, you’ll learn to:

  • focus.
  • shift your NUTs.
  • get your priorities straight.
  • break it down into smaller pieces.
  • make a plan.
  • be accountable to that plan.
  • break the cycle of resistance.
life coach Portland, focused

Still procrastinating?

Watch this brief talk from inside the mind of a master procrastinator.

You’ve been trying too hard to figure it all out on your own. When actually, you just need to take




Because every step you take will get you closer to your goal.

Take a step today.

Working through the process, you will remember:


you are


you want


you’re going


you’ll get there


you’re going in the first place and


to get there.

Not sure where to start?

men's life coach, focused

Start with the free stuff. 

One free step could be to —

life coach, focused


life coach portland


figure this out

Undoubtedly, you’ll notice that most of the information on this website is free. And, no doubt, you’ll wonder — why is it free?

Because the best things in life are free. Feel free to use anything on this website. And if you’d like help to get the most out of what’s here, I’m also glad to work with you in person.

Is life coaching for you?

I feel profoundly fortunate to have Mark Newton as a guide and coach. He is present, positive insightful, generous and smart. My journey was underway before meeting Mark, but his help in moving through persistent procrastination, resistance and fear has been invaluable. Mark is equally adept with sensitive matters of the heart and spirit as he is with practical matters of life and business. And by defining “core issues” Mark helps me maintain focus on our work, keeping my eye on the ball. Go for it!

I’m a Portland life coach.

What happens at your free session?

Once you book your free session, I will contact you and send you a welcome packet — which you will fill out and bring with you to your free session — a free, face to face session at my studio in northeast Portland. During that free session:


  • I’ll listen to your story and ask you questions.
  • And you can ask me any questions you’d like to ask, too.
  • We’ll decide whether have a fit for coaching.
  • If we decide that we do have a fit for coaching — we’ll set up more sessions and get to work.
  • And then, at the end of the session, you’ll get homework. In other words, what you’ll be expected to accomplish before our next session.

What does a life coaching session look like?

During a typical 60 minute session — you’ll come to my studio and work.

Keep in minds that this is not a therapy session — it’s a coaching session.

Which means that I won’t just sit there and let you drone on.

Instead, we’ll be actively working —

  • clarifying,
  • questioning,
  • challenging.

Then after your session, I’ll send you notes reminding you of what we discussed and what we agreed that you’ll be working on.

So you’ll have homework, with 1-5 specific items.

And there may be reading and writing.

Because the whole point of our work is to move you forward —

Which is going to take some work on your part.

Expect motivation.

Because it’s my job to motivate you and keep you moving. 

Specifically, what you get is one focused hour of in-person unmatched clarity, motivation, accountability from which we generate a clear plan of action. Plus ongoing support for the 2 weeks following the session.

And I encourage you to be in touch with me between sessions. Because the more you’re in touch with me — the more value you get for your coaching dollar.

Expect accountability.

Because between sessions, I’ll check up on you. And I’ll encourage you.

But I’ll also hold you accountable.

And I encourage you to be in touch with me — Because you may want to clarify or get help with what you’re working on or struggling with.

And for maximum progress, I like to meet with my clients every 2 weeks until we’re done — 

Because time gaps of more than two weeks tend to decrease the effectiveness of our coaching relationship — and slow your progress. 


Mark Newton is the founder and CRO (Chief Rousting Officer) at Overcoming Gravity. A native of the northwest, he’s had six careers. After beginning his professional work as an architect in San Francisco, he taught at the Academy of Art College. While still in the Bay Area, he followed his passion to build, working as a carpenter and construction superintendent. Then, for several years, Mark led small, vibrant faith communities in California and Oregon. He currently spends his time writing and coaching men here in Portland. He works with men who feel overwhelmed — to get focused and follow through.

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