CAUTION: this brief article may seem a little woo-woo. But then again — you might be surprised how important it is to find yes.

find yes

Where is it?

“Yes” is a place where you feel good and confident; at home with yourself; a place where you know you belong.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go there often? You can.

Identify a place.

Here’s how: identify a place — an actual place — where you feel great. For me, it’s the beach. Whenever I go there, I can breathe and feel great. Specifically, Cannon Beach is one of those places where, with my toes in the sand and the surf pounding loudly in my ears, I feel most alive. 

Why a place?

Why find an actual place where you feel most alive? Because in the daily slog, when you’ve lost perspective and you want to feel good again, it’s good to have a way to get perspective and feel right again. At least for me, a place is easier to recall than a concept. It’s real. Even if it’s a place I’m only remembering, it is still a place I can go whenever I want — to reset; to regroup. In other words, it’s portable. A memory of a physical place can be that powerful. So — got a place in mind?

Got it? Great.

If so, go there often, throughout your day. Feel it. It only takes me a moment to think of Cannon Beach, remember my yes, and then use that inner compass to guide me through my day. It not only has the power to lift my spirits, it is also very useful for making decisions and entering into wise negotiations. For example: ask yourself when you’re making a decision: “If I choose this — does it feel like yes?” Or, “Does this negotiation bring me closer to yes?” 

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Want some help finding your yes? I can help you.  

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