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How much is enough? The answer is not as as difficult as you might think. Find out why and pick your number, to make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth.

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How much?

Do you have a number in mind when it comes to measuring your worth?

There are many ways of measuring worth. Dollars is one of those ways. Let’s start there. What dollar amount — by the hour, by the day or by the year — feels right for what you offer?

Okay, but why?

Why does, say, fifteen an hour seem right? Is it because that amount, with a certain schedule, feels like enough to live on, or because compared with others (at your level) it feels fair?

It’s complicated, isn’t it? So much of the value we place upon our worth has to do with how we compare ourselves with others. For example: that guy over there has the iPhone 13. Shouldn’t I have one of those too, if he does? (Forget the fact that the iPhone X that I already own works perfectly fine).

Consider this.

Please listen to this brief talk (about 9 minutes) by Casey Brown. She speaks from a woman’s perspective, but men, too — especially smart, creative men — often undervalue their worth. After you’ve listened, come right back for today’s takeaway.

The takeaway:

Consider your worth. Then communicate your value to those who want what you offer at the price that works for both of you.

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More like this?

I can help you with getting paid what you’re worth.

And you have a couple of options for your next step. You could contact me and describe what you’re going through. And I’ll be in touch with suggestions. Or you can book a free session to make a time to get together and talk it over in person. Either way, I’m here to help you focusovercome resistance, and get moving again.

Get focused and Get moving.