You want what you want. The question is: how will you get it? If you want to get what you want and still make the world a better place, here’s how: by giving what you want.

giving what you want

You start with what you want.

What do you want? Do you want wealth? Do you want world peace? What is it that you most want today? Start there (I mean, actually take a minute to think about that before you continue reading. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time).

And then you broaden your scope.

OK. Got it? Because whatever it is, you will be more able to get it, now that you have focused on it. The next question becomes, how will you get it? Because chances are good that you aren’t getting enough of what you want today. That’s one of the reasons why you’re here, reading this blog. So we are going to learn something together today. And what we’re going to learn is based on a principle called enlightened self interest.  

Giving what you want is the way.

Enlightened self interest is a cool concept that basically means that when you look to the interests of others, you also look to your own best self interest — in other words, you increase your chances of getting what you want when you help others get what they want. Gandhi said it famously:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

That’s basically what enlightened self interest is: giving what you want. So, for example: if you want to be better understood, seek to understand others better. Get it?

Don’t wait: start today.

So please watch this brief (under 20 minutes ) talk by Robert Wright, and then come right back for today’s takeaway.

You heard what he said at the end, right? If you want to make the world a better place, while getting what you want, then you will want to engage in the intelligent pursuit of self interest, in a disciplined and careful way. The result is a sum gain: you get more of what you want as you pursue making what you want available to those around you.

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