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Inconsistencies spring up in your story when you try to be someone you’re not. Here’s how to make your own life better.


Remember the Whingdingdilly?

Scamp was unhappy with his farm-dog life. 


(He does look pretty unhappy, doesn’t he?) This is the Story Question (which often sounds more like a Story Statement) behind the children’s book Whingdingdilly, by Bill Peet.

Why was Scamp so unhappy? Because he just knew that he was meant to be much more than a simple farm dog. He dreamed of being the magnificent Percheron horse, Palomor. (That’s Scamp, in the lower right corner of the picture, with his boy, Orvie, watching Palomar prance).

Are you prancing?

So, Scamp started imitating Palomar. He practiced prancing. It didn’t fit him very well, but he didn’t know that. (He looks pretty silly, don’t you think?)


What does this have to do with inconsistencies?

I’m glad you asked.

Inconsistencies occur in your life when you imitate someone else. You want to look like that other guy — heck, you want to be that other guy. You are convinced that you are meant for greater things than what you have, if only you could have his life.

Then what happened?

Scamp gets turned into a Whingdingdilly (kind of a hodgepodge creature, which shows what happens when you try to piece a bunch of other people onto yourself), has to learn a bunch of lessons like be yourself, and in the end — you guessed it — finally embraces his own life and makes it better. Which you can, too — as soon as you realize who you actually are, and start working with your own natural-born qualities (instead of wishing you were someone  else).


Start here.

The first step in the process of being yourself is to gather what matters. You can start that process here:

Key Point

When you let yourself get caught up wanting to be someone else, untangle the inconsistencies by coming back to who you are.

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