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Get moving

It’s embarrassing and frustrating.

We get into these situations in the first place because we want to be better men.

Better at work —

Better at home —




So, we take risks.

And then we find ourselves overwhelmed —

And we feel anything but better.

We feel ridiculous.

We feel ashamed.

Our minds become filled with all the things that could go wrong.

We freeze.

But we’re already committed.

People are watching.

We can’t go back and we can’t move ahead.

We’re stuck.

Now what?

Change your focus.

When you feel yourself getting into this stuck place, you need to change your focus.

Change your focus from all the things you can’t do to a few things that you can do.

Take that giant problem and break it down into bite sized pieces.

Then prioritize those pieces and begin to address them.

And most of all, don’t just sit there.


It’s time to move ahead.

The longer you stay crouched there, the more pressure is building inside of you.

To get moving again,

You need to talk about itmake a plan, and follow your plan to move ahead.

Ready to move ahead?

Contact me today.

I will help you remember what you can do, make a plan, and move ahead.

The first 30 minutes is free.

I’ll meet with you to hear your story.

You can ask me any questions you wish.

The meeting is completely confidential.

There is no risk to you.

If we find that we have a match for coaching, you can sign up for your next session.

If that session moves you ahead, you pay me.

If not, it is also completely free of charge.

I assume all the risk, because:

  • Your success is my primary concern.
  • I believe I can help you move ahead.

To book your complimentary 30 minute session, use the Booknow button below.

You will be taken to a booking page, to find a date that works best for you.

Hope to see you soon.

— Mark

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