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reviews for overcoming gravity

Reviews for Overcoming Gravity

Here are some recent reviews for Overcoming Gravity from verified customers from my booking site at Genbook.

Great listener and very adaptive

Mark was a very good listener and quickly adapted to understand my specific situation. He understood what I needed without me having to spell it out and quickly charted a course for us to work together over 6 weeks to improve my confidence and communication skills. I feel like I’m on the right track as a result of our work together. I’d recommend him for anyone looking for renewal and growth in 2021.

Coaching At Its Best

Having Mark as a coach has provided me with stability and focus during a season of unpredictability. Initially, I sought out Mark to help me build my confidence as I transitioned into a new role within my organization. He has been instrumental in this journey and even after just a few weeks I could see the results of our efforts in my work. But what I appreciate most about him are his thoughtful questions and his non-judgmental posture. With Mark I am finding the courage to truly be me.

A Holistic Guide to Vocation

My expectations when coming to Mark were the typical path of resumes, job searches and interviews, I was pleasantly surprised to travel down a much deeper path of self discovery and personal growth. With Mark I discovered that who I am is the key to unlocking the vocation I will pursue, this journey has been encouraging, challenging and never dull! Thank you Mark for the mentoring and whole life development process, I highly recommend Marks coaching path to all looking to grow and develop!

A Mindmap to Your Life

I appreciate Mark’s reliability, flexibility, and partnership in making my life a little better every week. I find in my life that it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle or only seeing part of the full picture. Mark uses a bunch of techniques in expanding my mind’s view. We start with a problem, diagnose it and ultimately land of a few concrete steps I can try to move forward with. My personal accountability can be a weak point, and he gives me gentle but firm reminders that I’m doing this for me.

Take the time

As an adult male in today’s world, it’s not often we take the time to focus, and that is what Mark helps you do. It’s not about him telling you what to do, it’s about bringing out what you truly want, in a safe environment, and it is refreshing to just have someone listen to you, and not just the words, but what lies beneath. Working with Mark has helped bring clarity, but ultimately you have to do the work.

Get busy living!

I went to Mark feeling stuck in many facets of my life and was unsure of how to move out of it. He has been instrumental in helping me move through these huge challenges with grace, power, and a newfound confidence. I would highly recommend his service – he’s professional, empathetic, caring, and a strong advocate for you if you’re feeling stuck. Work with Mark – you won’t be disappointed! It’ll change your life!

it’s a waste of money not to try it

Honestly I figured it would be sessions of a moral support such as “you can do it” mentality. Or maybe just a person that helps you get back on track to what you once were succeeding at. It’s nothing like that. It’s a deep dive into yourself. The full understanding of why you fo what you do. What you want, what is happiness and how to get there. Mindset is majority but understanding is everything. It was a great exsperiance and I look forward to the future work with mark.

Jun 15, 2020

Much Gratitude

Mark has been excellent to work with. He really taps into who I am and tailors his approach to effectively & efficiently get me moving in the direction I want to go. The man cares and he’s a true professional….and ideal combination!! I highly recommend Mark Newton with Life Coaching For Men

Helped me sort out my own goals

Mark has been incredible in helping me sort out my issues, from personal to professional. He helped me form a plan on how to keep my life moving in the direction that I want, and helped me define what that is. The clarity is invaluable and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Returning to the person I want to be

Life throws a lot at you, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed once you lose control. Mark has helped me understand and overcome the major obstacles I faced professionally. None of these items have actually changed externally, but I have been able to change my attitude and actions from within as a result of Mark’s coaching. Mark is great at listening, identifying the major issues, and then discussing them with no judgement. He’s a great guy to have in your corner of the ring, whatever the battle is.

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