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The problem with being wrong is it makes you feel bad. And no-one wants to feel bad. But you’re wasting tons of energy on being right. Which means that strangely enough, being right is slowing you down. But what if you could take a different approach to being wrong — and get moving again?


Feeling stuck?

A big reason you get so stuck every day is that you want to make sure that you’re right.

Which is very unproductive.

In fact, it’s a huge waste of both time and effort.

And of course you want to be right.

Don’t we all?

But if you had to choose between being right and moving ahead productively — and much more happily — which would you choose?

But don’t I need to be right?

And you might well object.

You might say —

But I need to be right.

I work in a field where accuracy is essential.

And of course, you’d be right.

Accuracy is important.

But there is a difference between being accurate and being right.

What’s the difference?

And this is where a lot of men get stuck.

Because they don’t know the difference between being accurate and being right.

So here’s the difference.

Being accurate means getting the column in the right place so the structure is sound —

And that’s important, of course.

But being right also means to you that there’s only one way to get that column in the right place.

Which is wrong.

But you’re focused on making sure that you have the answer.

And that takes a lot of energy.

But what if there were a more creative and collaborative way to be accurate without always having to be right?

Is there another way? 

In a word — yes.

But how?

What are we getting down to?

What we’re getting down to is courage.

The courage to create.

Because inherent to the creative process is the possibility of being wrong.

Otherwise, how can you do anything new — if you’re constantly doing what you already know?

So —

Consider this.

Moving from the fear of being wrong to the courage to create.

Want to get moving again?

This is what it comes down to.

Will you take the risk of being wrong for the sake of moving ahead into unknown territory?

You don’t have to go alone.

Find a friend to talk this over with.

And you can always contact me at

I’ll be glad to help you move the chains a little farther down the field.