You’re a stranger in your own story. The solution? Become a better storyteller. Here’s how.


First, scribble.

Because you write far too little. And the reason you write so infrequently is that someone once told you that you weren’t a good writer. It may have been in childhood. Or perhaps in high school or college. But somewhere along the way, you got the idea that you weren’t a good writer. So you stopped writing. But here’s the problem: unless you write, you will lose the thread of your own story. Because writing is about far more than punctuation and formatting and citing your sources. In fact, the main purpose of writing is to tell a story. And to get the story out of your head you need to do a lot of scribbling. And the truth is, there’s a Scribbler upstairs in your head anyway, who is writing all the time. You just can’t see him.

Then face it.

So let’s face it. You need to write. Especially if you’re going to get the jumble of your life out of the darkness of your brain case and out into the light. Because in the light of day, you can see the thread of your story and make sense of it. But — I can feel your resistance. Because you still have a lot of resistance to writing. You’d rather just think your thoughts. And I get it. I have my own areas of laziness. But the truth is that this particular laziness of yours is literally robbing you of a better life. But you can change that today — if you’re willing to try a simple little exercise. Are you willing?

Embrace your inner storyteller.

Because if so, you can start telling a much better story in just 30 minutes or less. It’s as simple as taking a short writing prompt and sitting your ass down at your computer. And I have the prompt, if you’re willing to take it and begin. And here’s the prompt. And if you need more help, please feel free to write to me at Because getting men focused and moving is what I do, and I’d be glad to correspond with you about your particular concerns.

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