Why unfolding beats scolding — even when you’re pressed for time

If you want to make a lasting change in your life, stop scolding yourself into submission. Instead, work on an unfolding story that holds together the key elements of what you hold most dear -- and put that story to work for you. First, find your beach. You've seen Saving Private Ryan. And as soon as you read those three words, Saving Private Ryan -- you know the story. S...
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If you don’t speak up now — somebody’s gonna to get hurt.

speak up
You're afraid to speak up. And don't even try to say you haven't been hesitating. We all have our moments. And it makes perfect sense. You've been hurt -- and you don't want to get hurt gain. The problem is -- you do have something to say. And if you don't speak up, you'll regret it later. So -- get your story straight. And speak up. Here's how. First, face your fears. So -- what aren't you af...
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Why focus is so elusive — and how to find it fast. Take a look.

Why is it so hard to find your focus every day? Is it because there are so many forces pulling on you? Or is it because even before you go to sleep tonight, the pressure will be building again? Or could it be the unreasonable people in your life? Any of these alone could throw you off your game. And you've got all of these factors -- and more. Want to find your way back to focus -- fast? But fi...
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Starting Here will get you There faster — but you already knew that

Wherever you're trying to go, starting is essential. And yes, you already know that. But the question is -- where should I start? This question can be pretty overwhelming. Because where you start will affect everything else that follows. So here it is -- the best place to start -- no matter where you're trying to go. Start here. You know the feeling. And the feeling is -- I've got to get goin...
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How to find the balance you crave — without getting bored

You say you want balance in your life. But you also say you want more excitement. So which is it? And can you have both balance and a life that will keep your heart pumping? Let's find out. Struggling with the balance? If you're struggling to find balance in your life today, you're not alone. Studies show that most men want more excitement. But they also want stability. And yet, most men al...
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How To Remove Self-Doubt — Even When You’re Not Sure Where To Begin

How can you move beyond the crippling effects of self-doubt? You may be surprised by this unconventional approach. What's the story? First of all -- if you're going to get over your self-doubt -- You better damn-well realize that they're talking about you. Because when you're dealing with self-doubt, there's always a story. But what's the story? It's a story in which you fail. But why am ...
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Why deciding is better — even if you make the “wrong” decision

Do you have trouble deciding what to do? Let's face it. There are way too many things to figure out every day. But is there a trick to figuring these things out without all the fuss? Yes. First, remember -- you're not alone. Let's say you just found out that you're about to lose your job. Or that you just realized that your relationship isn't working. And yes -- it could be any one of a thou...
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Why is accepting at an all time low?

Accepting is one of the most important aspects of life. And yet, it's at an all time low. Why is this, and what can you do about it? What's the big deal about accepting? Here's the big deal. Because unless you accept who you are, you're lost. You're just floating in a sea of uncertainty. Don't believe me? OK. Ask yourself right now -- what are you actually certain about? Be...
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Why Can’t I Decide? How To Make The Right Choice — Even When You Can’t Tell Which One Is Right

right choice
How do you make the right choice? With indecision being the number one cause of frustration in men today -- what can you do? First of all -- is there a right choice? The first, and often biggest obstacle we face when making a decision is the belief that there is a "right choice." Because you've been programmed from an early age with this idea. But is this, in fact, true? Is there a right ch...
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Keep Fighting: How To Keep Your Negative Thoughts — Without Losing Momentum

Negative Thoughts
There is this myth that out there that your negative thoughts are holding you back. Not true. Here's why. Don't play the happy game. As men, is moving ahead critical to our happiness? Absolutely. When we're stuck, we feel miserable. How to keep moving is the question. But how? Should we ignore our negative feelings? Some say yes. In fact, there's a whole body of literature basically tel...
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