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Are you fooling yourself? If you were to look closely at your calendar today — what tales would it tell?


Where do you actually spend all your time?

You don’t know, do you? Because you have an image of yourself. But it’s probably inaccurate. For example: You may think of yourself as a great dad. But do you actually spend quality time with your kids? Or you may think of yourself as a budding writer. But how much time do you actually spend writing?

In other words — where do you actually spend all your time?

Do you know?

So first of all, admit it. You don’t even know where you spend all your time. It just slips through your fingers. Because the day begins with a sliver of resolve that mostly disappears by the time you slog through traffic. By then, you’ve lost track of what it was that you were going to change today to really make a difference. And now, you can’t remember.

You don’t remember, in part, because you don’t spend enough time with your calendar. Oh, sure. You might know when you start work and when you clock off. And you might have written down a few birthdays and other essential dates. But what about all the other time? Because if you were to keep track, you might find that what you do doesn’t actually line up with who you think you are.

Take a close look at your calendar.

So — what does it say? If you keep a good calendar, it will tell you something. Take a good hard look. And if you don’t keep a calendar that tracks where you’ve been and where you’re going — why not? Is there anything more important than your time?

Change this today.

Make the change today. Because you’ve resolved over and over to start keeping better track of your time. But so far, you haven’t. Why not do it today? Need help getting started? That’s why I’m here. Send me a quick email at and I’ll help you get started.