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Got that sinking feeling? If you’re going to stay afloat during stressful times, you’ll need better compartments to stabilize your life.


Hard to stay afloat these days?

There’s too much on your plate. Your calendar is full, and you may not even keep a very good calendar. All you know is it feels pretty overwhelming, and you don’t have time to stop and reset all your defaults. In other words, life is dragging you down.

It’s not a new problem.

Overwhelm is an old problem. A small lesson from history: the sinking of the Titanic on April 14, 1912. That was quite awhile ago. We know why the Titanic went down as quickly as it did. There were many factors including being in a hurry (you don’t have that problem do you?) But the main reason it went down so quickly, taking so many lives, was a little problem of design. It had a faulty design for compartmentalizing the incoming sea. Ship builders of that time were in the habit of designing and building compartments that didn’t adequately seal off the area of damage from the rest of the ship. Titanic was no exception, even though it was said to be “unsinkable.”

Build better compartments.

To stay afloat, you’ll need better compartments than you may currently have in place. Otherwise, when one part of your life is going under, your whole ship may go down with it. And let’s face it — some part of your life is going to be taking on water most of the time. What are some examples of compartments? Well, for one, the personal/professional divide. How’s that going? Are you able to put work away when you get home, or do you keep rehashing the day? That would be one place to start.

Key Point

Better compartments can help you to keep the parts of your life afloat that aren’t currently under stress.

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