What are you pushing against? And what is pushing against you? Look closely at these two to find your true north.


It feels like your enemy.

That thing you’re struggling with. It could be personal. It could be physical. Emotional weight often feels like an enemy. But if you will see that resistance for what it is — a force that feel like death and destruction — you may begin to see that what seems like your enemy is actually the very thing calling you to your highest and your best.

It’s there for a reason.

If you didn’t feel that resistance, you might not even get up in the morning. And yet day after day you get up to overcome your fear of failure. Your resistance is actually the heart of your motivation. It is the fuel that will propel you, if you let it. You just don’t recognize it as such — yet. Instead of thinking of this central challenge in your life as your friend, you continue to think of it as that which is trying to kill you. And you’re right: it is. It is trying to kill you. And it’s your job to gain strength by pushing against it. Will you rise to meet the challenge?

Your True North: lean into it.

You can run, but you cannot hide. You are going to have to face your resistance one of these days. It will be there, taunting you, until you face it. The sooner you recognize that your resistance is there to help you grow stronger and better, the sooner you will begin to become the man you know, somewhere inside yourself, you are meant to be.

Key Point

Your resistance is there to help you face the place you need to grow. Embrace it today. Game on!

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