Decision overload is real. But you don’t have to continue to feel overwhelmed. Because right here and right now you can learn how to make choosing easier — in 10 minutes or less.

Hiding from deciding?

Every day you face many choices.

Or not.

Because you may actually be hiding from the choices you need to make more than you are actually choosing.

And the problem then becomes that with every choice you hide from, you become less confident in your ability to choose.

So what can you do?

Overcome decision overload —

— in 4 easy steps.

I recently watched an interesting talk about making financial decisions.

And in that video, the speaker gave me four easy steps to overcome decision overload.

Which I’m passing on to you —

Because it turns out that these four steps will help you with decision overload of almost any kind.

And no, these 4 easy steps aren’t rocket science.

You’ll recognize these steps.

But the question is: are you using them?

Because if you aren’t — even when you know about them —

You’ll benefit by employing them to the decisions you need to make today.

And here they are:

  1. Cut: Less is more. Reduce your options. So let’s say you’ve got several options for a given decision today. Cut out half of them. Because you have too many options on the table.
  2. Concretize: Make your options more vivid. And you know what this means. You’re keeping way too much in your head. So get out a sheet of paper. Or go to your white board. And make these options real. Because otherwise, you’re struggling more than you need to.
  3. Categorize: Group the small parts into something larger. In other words, look for common denominators. Because when you do, you’ll find ways to group smaller pieces of a decision into categories. And this will make decision making much easier.
  4. Condition: Start with the small parts. This will help you maintain your motivation. Because if you start with the really large decisions, you may lose your motivation. So if the house is on fire, save the people inside first. Then figure out where your wallet and your favorite pictures are. And the same principle applies to decision making. Do the most important small things first.

Want to know more?

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Where I found these 4 easy steps to overcoming decision overload.

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