It’s time to change your relationship with failure.


It starts with rejection.

Your fear of failure is, at its core, resistance to rejection. You are rejection-avoidant because you aren’t confident in the Rejection Zone. So, for example: you’re in a meeting, and you have a great idea. But do you speak up? No. Why? Because you fear rejection.

Confidence comes with repetition.

There is nothing wrong with rejection. Every man throughout history who has made anything of value has been rejected. Rejection is often the generator of something new and much better than your first attempt, whether in love or in your livelihood.

Get reps in rejection.

The answer? Get more experience with rejection. It’s not that bad after you’ve done it a few times in an intentional way. Your current problem is that you are afraid of rejection, so you haven’t done enough controlled testing of the rejection environment.

Start here.

Listen to this short talk (about 15 minutes) by Jia Jiang about becoming more confident in the Rejection Zone, then come right back for today’s takeaway.

The takeaway.

You can become confident with rejection, which will greatly reduce your fear of failure.

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