This simple solution to your frustration might seem too simple. But if you’re feeling trapped, try this today.

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Own the trap. 

The first step is to recognize the trap you’re in. Right now, you have a generalized feeling of being stuck. It might be at work; it might be in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere good.

The challenge is to stop all the spinning. Stop right where you are, and take a good look at the trap that is making you feel so frustrated.

What has you stuck? And don’t just throw up your hands and say “I don’t know.” You’re better than that. Think about it. Write about it. Go for a walk.

Identify the trap.

Reverse it.

So let’s say you have identified the trap as being “People don’t listen to me.” Just one possible example. That’s the trap you feel stuck in: “People don’t listen to me.”

Now: take that insight and reverse it. That’s right. Just turn it around. Using the example from above: “People don’t listen to me.” The reverse of that would be: “I don’t listen to people.” And this might sound naïve at first, but stay with me.

You get what you give.

If you feel like people don’t listen to you, ask yourself: Do I really listen to people? Or do I just pretend to listen? You might be amazed to find that because you crave being listened to (for whatever reason), you spend most of your time looking for your opportunity to say something. It’s like being on the playground, where those two kids are swinging the rope between them; you want to jump in but you just can’t seem to get the rhythm right.

In this case, the solution is to start actually listening to people, and jump into what they are saying. You might be surprised to find that when they sense that you are really listening, they may, in turn, listen to you.

This is just one example.

The takeaway:

Whatever trap you’re in:

  • Identify it.
  • Reverse it.
  • Enjoy the results.

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