The difference is follow through.

follow through

Follow through looks like this.

You know it when you see it. It looks effortless. In fact, one of the most noticeable things about follow through is you almost don’t notice it. And yet there it is, that subtle power — and you feel it. It’s the eighth wonder of the world. 

It’s what you need.

And follow through is what you need — if you’re going to succeed. It’s what I do, and it’s one of the main reasons I am able help you. In fact, no other men’s life coach will help you follow through as well as I will. Why do I say that? First, because it’s true. But also because if you could do this on your own, you would. Which you can’t — yet. But you will learn this skill when you work with me. And the fact that you’re not following through at present is not because you’re not smart enough. Or because you lack creativity. The problem is simply that you haven’t developed this skill yet — the skill of following through with your own good intentions.

But it makes all the difference.

And I get it. It’s fun to rev up your engine. But wouldn’t you also like to actually go somewhere, too? And this is precisely where you need the help. You’re good at revving, but you’re not as good at actually getting things done as you’d like be. And so, you’re looking for a men’s life coach who will not only inspire you — which I will. And not only help you make a plan — which I will. But what you’ll find is truly different when you work with me is that I go beyond inspiration to perspiration. In other words, I work with you day by day to help you do the work you need to do in order to change your habits, increase your confidence, and follow through with your good intentions.

It’s what I do.

The reason I am able to help you is actually very basic.

I motivate you and I follow up with you. And together we change the habits that are holding you back. That’s my job as your coach.  

What’s the difference?

Well, for starters, you get two weeks. And this is something that you won’t find with most other coaches. Most coaches will meet with you for a session, and then you’re on your own between the sessions. Look around and you will see that this is true. And this is one of the main differences I offer you. When you work with me, you pay me for two weeks at a time. And during that time, you can contact me as often as you like, within reason, mostly during the work week, through email and text, and with the occasional phone call. Because we both know that what we are working on takes more than an hour. It takes ongoing support and follow through.

What else do you get?

You also get your life back. Because right now, you’re overwhelmed. Pinned down. Dissatisfied. Perhaps, even feeling a bit desperate. And what you want is focus and progress and confidence. And this is what you will get as we work together. You will develop skills so that soon, you won’t need me anymore. Because you’ll be doing it on your own.

Specifically, what you get is:

  • one focused hour of unmatched clarity
  • motivation
  • accountability 
  • a clear plan of action
  • plus ongoing support for the 2 weeks following the session.

And I encourage you to be in touch with me between sessions. Because the more you’re in touch with me — the more value you get for your coaching dollar.

And I will follow up with you several times each week between sessions. 

Expect accountability.

So between sessions, I’ll check up on you

And I’ll encourage you. 

But I’ll also hold you accountable. 

And I will encourage you to be in touch with me — because you may want to clarify or get help with what you’re working on or struggling with.


And for maximum progress, I like to meet with my clients every 2 weeks until we’re done —  

Because time gaps of more than two weeks tend to decrease the effectiveness of our coaching relationship — and slow your progress. 


Ready to follow through on your good intentions?

I can help you practice better emotional hygiene. And you have a couple of options for your next step. You could contact me and describe what you're going through. And I'll be in touch with suggestions. Or you can book a free session to make a time to get together and talk it over in person. Either way, I'm here to help you focusovercome resistance, and get moving again.

Get focused and Get moving.