You’re wasting a lot of time keeping up your man shields. Let’s get to the heart of the problem.


Looking good.

All those images we’ve been living on, from at least middle school on, if not earlier, about what it means to be a man; it’s all about the bromance, right? Looking good in front of your guys. Pretty sad, when you realize that most of the time, we’ve been working hard to look good through a bunch of lies we tell each other, like: “How you doin’, man?” “I’m good, bro. You?” “I’m good.” When really, inside, we’re not doing well at all. We’re living in fear much of the time. It’s like a fake tan: it looks good, but it’s not real.

Actually, you’re a mess.

And you know it’s a lie, but you don’t know how to get out of the endless loop of bullshit. It’s sink or swim out there in the manly world. And now, with the increasing recognition of women and people of all genders on the rise, it’s even harder, because you’re lying every which way, trying to stay afloat; being some form of manly that doesn’t resonate with anybody, including yourself.

Time to follow your heart.

But did you know that courage comes from the french word, couer, which means heart? That’s right: if you want to live courageously, all you have to do is live from your heart. Problem is, you’ve forgotten the password to your own heart. You’re not even sure of the user name anymore.

Please do this.

Please watch this brief talk by Justin Baldoni. He talks about finding the courage to live from your heart. And then please come right back for today’s takeaway.

Key point:

Quit faking it. Find the strenght to live from your heart.

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