We suffer more in imagination than in reality. Ready to stop the endless spin cycle?


You’re spinning again.

Seneca, that ancient Roman Stoic philosopher said it well: 

We suffer more in imagination than in reality.

Which means you have a good problem. But it’s still a problem. Your problem is that your imagination is too powerful. Which means you suffer.

It’s too much.

You suffer because you have too many scenarios running through your head at any one time. Whereas the average man might have five major thoughts an hour, you have fifty. And what happens is you end up overwhelming yourself. For example: have you ever noticed how often you finish someone else’s sentence (at least in your head)? Or how you basically finish whole conversations for the person you are with, before they’ve even had a chance to say what they are actually going to say? You’ve already decided how it’s going to go. It’s too much.

Time to get real.

So: your challenge is to focus your imagination, for the sake of sanity. Or, to put it another way: focus your imagination, so that you don’t checkmate yourself before the game has even begun.

So please do this.

Get real. Don’t assume you know what is going on inside other people’s heads, and take the time each day to spend at least five minutes writing down some of the thousands of things in your good imagination, so you can see what the Scribbler has been up to. Then, cross 95% of it off the list for today, so you can focus on what is most important now.

Key point:

You will suffer less when you focus your imagination.

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Get focused and Get moving.