It's the one thing we all want to hear

“You’re the one.” Especially today, when there seem to be no clear choices, it’s the one thing we all want to hear.

You’re the one.

Whether it’s romance, accolades, or a job offer, what we most long to hear is, “You’re the one.” Not, “We’re looking for someone like you.” No. We want to be the one and only possibility for the relationship.

I was recently sent a song to listen to by Taylor Swift. Now, one thing you may know about me is that if it’s popular, I probably haven’t heard of it. I tend to run away from whatever everyone else is running toward (can you relate?) But okay, someone really wanted me to listen to this song. So I did. And to my surprise, I loved the song. It’s no wonder Taylor is the unofficial Poet Laureate of our time. She has a way of tapping into the primal, the deeply felt, and the deeply shared.

The song I listened to was But Daddy I Love Him. It’s a great song overall. But the lyrics that caught in my throat, and made this song a Fight Song, were these:

No, I’m not coming to my sensesI know he’s crazy but he’s the one I want

These words come in the context of a girl living in a small town, falling for the wild guy that nobody approves of. But she is determined to decide her own life and her own fate. Another pairing of lines captures the essence of her self-determination: 

I’ll tell you something about my good nameIt’s mine alone to disgrace


Say what you want.

“He’s the one I want.” How often do we hear these words of unmittigated courage and focus? No. Instead, even our rejections are general: “You’re not quite what we were looking for.”

And we all play along. Don’t say the wrong thing! Don’t be politically incorrect! And heaven forbid don’t say anything specific! 

So we don’t really say anything at all. We just mumble generalities with the rest of them. 

Don’t’ fall into this trap! 

Go get it!

Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out.

These words from another poet, Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Okay guys, the clock is ticking. You get the point. Be memorable. Be The One. And while you’re at it, be specific about who and whom you choose. Really see your partner. Appreciate the uniqueness of the people in your office. Let’s start a “You’re the one” revolution!

The takeaway:

Starting today:

  • Be the one and only you — and really appreciate the uniqueness of others!
  • Say what you want!
  • Go get it! 

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