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Whether you’re in business for yourself or working hard to tell the story of the organization you work for, storytelling is an essential art to master. And you can learn the basics of the art of storytelling from Joaquin Phoenix, the man behind what made the Joker the surprise hit of the season. Here’s how.


Who’s behind the Joker? Take a look.

face behind the joker

Quite a transformation.

Wouldn’t you agree? And here’s what’s compelling: it’s not just the visual effects. I mean, you already know that the man behind the Joker is Joaquin Phoenix, but take a closer look to fully appreciate the transformation. Because when you look closer, you’ll recognize that this man is also the Emperor in Gladiator. Who was a very different character than the Joker. But what makes Mr. Phoenix compelling in the various roles he has played is a combination of the screenwriter’s art and this actor’s ability to tell a good story.

Get the backstory behind the Joker.

Are you a Joker? You can be.

Learn to tell a good story by remembering this: a story is a problem, in search of a solution, which tells us something essential about what it means to be human. There must be a compelling question at the very beginning of any story. Because if there isn’t, we won’t be hooked. And then, in order for the story to succeed, that compelling question must be answered by the end, and must embody a change in the main character. And this is true whether you’re writing a screen play or just trying to get your message across.


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