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Does size matter? Yes. Always. Because adjectives matter. Especially when you’re telling a story. And you’re always telling a story. But the question is — is anyone listening? So, for example, we’re all thinking about breasts and peckers, whether we say so or not. Because we all love the birds of springtime, right? Robins and woodpeckers are a big part of that season — which will come around again in six months or so. So why not tap into what gets the attention of your audience, with a good adjective or two


Large or small breasts?

So — do your listeners prefer large or small breasts? Because if they prefer the large variety — speak their language. Because for that audience, you might want to focus on the Trumpeter Swan. Massive breasts. But if you want to get your message across to an audience who clearly prefers the smaller size, then you might want to talk about the minuscule downy woodpecker. Tiny little things. And maybe what you want to focus on is not size at all. Because you could just as well focus on color. And for a red breast, no bird beats the red-breasted Robin. And you get the point. Because to get the attention of your audience, you will want to speak their language. And to do that, you’ll want to use the right adjectives to get your message across.

How to use the right adjectives.

Let’s say you own a painting company. And you want to get high-end clients in a swank neighborhood. But there are already lots of painting companies with more experience in the neighborhood you want to serve. How could you modify your message to get more market share — where you want it, and at the price point you’re looking for? Well — consider your audience. And then ask what adjectives might best appeal to them? For example, our old friend small. Some high-end customers might prefer a small, boutique company of journeyman painters who paint by hand, over the many larger companies who spray their paint. In fact, your ideal customer may be willing to pay a premium for such adjectives as small, careful and meticulous.

Your turn.

So — to get your message across, use the right adjectives. And whatever your message — whether it’s to your romantic partner, your business partner, or your trading partner — use adjectives that speak the language of your audience.


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