You have a natural aptitude for leadership, but haven’t yet developed your leadership style. Let’s get to it.


Let it be unique.

You may remember an old movie that came out in the eighties called Dead Poets Society, starring Robin Williams. It chronicles the arrival of a new teacher at a boy’s academy who leads the boys into adventure, discovery, and tragedy. Mr. Keating’s style is unique: he teaches the boys about life through a bunch of what many would consider old, dried up poems. But in Keating’s hands, they come to life, inspiring the boys to rise to courage, beauty and creativity.

Lean in.

Take a quick look at this clip. You will notice several key concepts in leadership that apply to almost any group you might be called upon to lead, whether at home or at work. The clip is only about five minutes long. Please take a moment to watch, then come right back for the takeaways for developing your own unique leadership style — using these key leadership ingredients.

Carpe diem.

The main message of the film is carpe diem: “seize the day.” This is the first and most essential element of leadership: urgency. “Let’s do something extraordinary, and let’s get to it.” In fact, most organizations of all kinds fail precisely because they lack leaders who bring this kind of urgency to the moment (which, as Mr. Keating points out, is not the same as being in a hurry).

This is cool.

Listen up. Remember to gather those you lead to consider something inspiring; something you think is cool; whether you wrote it or said it, or someone else did. Then break it down, and apply it to your situation. Notice how Mr. Keating had Pitts read the poem, then recited part of it himself (because he knew it by heart). He then offered an interpretation, and had all the boys lean in to consider the meaning of the inspiration together.

What inspires you?

There is something or someone that inspires you. Don’t be shy about sharing your passion with those you lead. If you are truly inspired by something, don’t hold back; bring your passion into the conversation. Passion is contagious. And if the spark is genuine, others will catch fire with you.

Key point:

Time is quickly passing; do something extraordinary. Lead with urgency, inspiring others with what inspires you.

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