Either way, you won’t get far until you start leading yourself. Here’s why — and how.


First of all, what’s the difference?

Because there is a basic difference between a Leading Man and a Mighty Mouse. And neither one of them is better than the other. They’re just different. But there is a difference. And the difference is simply a question of numbers. Because if you are in charge of a group or a team of people, you’re a Leading Man. But just as essential to the fabric of men is the Mighty Mouse. And if you’re a Mighty Mouse, you’re an artisan or a solo practitioner. In other words, mighty mice are those men who are doing their own work on their own terms. And on their own schedule, rather than leading a team. And, of course, you could be some of both.

But are you leading yourself?

Because whether you’re leading a team or an artisan — or somewhere in between — you still need to lead yourself. And why is that? Well, because in either case, you have work to do. And make no mistake about it. The work that you do is essential to your well-being. Because you get pleasure from a job well done. In fact, studies show that doing good work is essential to your happiness and feeling not only of success, but of satisfaction. And then, there is this little issue of time. Because you are going to run out of time much sooner than you may think. And you don’t want the clock to run out until you’ve put in at least your 10,000 hours to get good at something. And then you’ll want time to actually do the thing that you’re good at doing.

How to lead yourself.

So I hope we’re agreed that it is essential to lead yourself. Because otherwise, you’ll waste you talent and feel less happy than you could be feeling. But how to lead yourself? That’s a good question. Because you’ve tried to become more disciplined, and failed. And maybe it was the calendar or the list or the reminders on your phone that didn’t work for you. Or maybe it was the vast amounts of time wasted on social media. But whatever it was and is, you are losing time and energy every day due to your lack of discipline. So here’s what to do: take a step.

Take a step today toward leading yourself.

Start intentionally leading yourself. And a big part of that will depend on a deeper understanding of yourself. May I suggest that you take a brief (10 minute) survey to understand your tendency type? Because depending on your tendency, certain strategies will make a lot more sense than others. Just one little step, but one that will give you information, and may peak your interest. Which, for a creative man such as yourself, is key.

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