You’re overwhelmed because you forgot to take this one simple step today. Here’s how to move ahead and feel better now.

one simple step

Let your fingers do the walking.

Before you run out the door tomorrow, remember what your fingers already know: the day will be over before you’re ready for it to end. How do your fingers know this? Because you work them to the bone every day. 

Let them help.

Your fingers already know what’s in your head. Don’t believe me? Give them a piece of paper and a pen and ask one simple question:

“What do I want today?”

And let them get to work. If you will let them, your fingers will spill out onto the page what you want, so you can actually see what’s in your head. That’s because their old buddy the Scribbler is up there in the grey mass, writing the story of your life.

The problem is, the Scribbler lives in hiding. He’s up there inside your head, writing what’s already happened to you and his hunches about what will happen to you in the future (which is where anxiety comes from). But even though he’s your private scribe, you can’t talk with him directly.

Your fingers know the Scribbler.

They’re old friends; writing buddies from way back. And if you will let them, your fingers will be more than happy to talk to the Scribbler and write down for you what he’s thinking, which can change your day dramatically.

Your fingers win, and so do you. If you run off into your day without checking in with the Man Upstairs (yep, the Scribbler) you will waste untold hours, working those fingers to the bone in mostly wasted effort, when they could help you get your day on track at the start.

Give them a shot. You can use paper and pen, paper and pencil, a typewriter, a computer; whatever you choose. In any case, let your fingers do the walking for just 5-10 minutes at the start of your day, and your day will be more focused, more enjoyable, and more restful.

The takeaway:

Spend 5-10 minutes each morning writing to the prompt, “What do I want? and your day will be healthier and happier.

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