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Why are you making your day so complicated? Ask these 3 simple questions to get your day back on track.

simple questions

1. Start small.

A huge part of overwhelm comes from forgetting this simple concept: start small. To avoid this mistake, simply ask yourself: “What is the most important thing in my life today? If I could do just one thing well, what would that one thing be?”

One thing. It could be anything, such as “I am not going to lose my shit today.” Or, “As long as I connect with my partner, the day will be a success.”

Ask yourself: What is the one thing? Actually stop and ask yourself the question, and write something down.

2. Commit.

It’s all well and good to have good intentions. But as you know, the rubber hits the road and gets traction when you actually follow through on what you said you wanted to do. And the opposite is also true: every time you say you’re going to do something and then you don’t, you become more and more confident that you can’t.

Confidence comes from repetition. Remember this simple axiom. We often think that confidence is some wonderful glowing light that mysteriously appears to those few who were born with confidence. When actually, confidence is simply the result of repetition. When you repeat something that works, over and over, you become more confident that you can do that powerful thing. But the opposite is also true: the more you do something that weakens you, the more confident you will become that you are weak and incapable.

Ask yourself: Will I do it? And then, commit to following through.


But only if you followed through. Instead of getting into the rut of the checklist, take the high ground. Celebrate.

Why not? Lock in the good feeling of accomplishment. This small step can bridge the gap between moving forward tomorrow and lapsing back into complacency. It’s no small thing that you focused your mind to write down that one thing — and that you actually did it.

Ask youself: How will I celebrate my follow-through?

The takeaway:

To get your day back on track, ask yourself these 3 questions: What is the one thing? Will I commit? How will I celebrate?

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