Need a jumpstart? Mindless writing is the best way to clear your head and get moving quickly.

mindless writing

Start mindless.

There is a lot of press about mindfulness these days. And in many ways, the mindfulness movement is indeed helpful.

Except when you’re starting your day. When you start your day, what you want is to clear your head of all the junk from yesterday and last night’s dreams (you were dreaming, whether you remember them or not, and many of them were disturbing and still haunt you as you try to start fresh in the morning).

Let the Scribbler speak.

There is a Scribbler up there in your head, who is writing a bunch of stuff about you as your day begins. He writes stuff like, “I don’t know if he’s up to this today,” (Yep. It’s you he’s tralking about). Or, “Kind of soft around the middle these days.”

Writing is the best way to see what the Scribbler is up to. When you sit down to write in the morning, the Scribbler’s thoughts end up on the page in front of you. And once those thoughts have emerged from the black hole of your subconscious, you can see the thoughts and deal with them.

Writing is the beginning of the end of anxiety. As you start your day, you are often anxious about what’s coming: all those things you are responsible for that you have less control over than you’d like.

Start here.

Mindless writing. You can do your planning in a minute. But as you start the day, what will help you most is to let the Scribbler’s words get onto the page in front of you.

Pass by the page at your own peril. And sure: this sounds like something you don’t have time for. So instead, you start gearing up for your day. The problem is, when you fail to empty your mind of what is already clogging the pipes, so to speak, you waste a bunch of time restricting the flow of your intelligence and creativity.

Begin with 5 minutes, starting tomorrow morning. Just sit down with a piece of paper and write. Don’t think about what you’re writing. Don’t try to sound good or eloquent. Just start with “I…” and then wait for the next word to appear on the page. The next word might be “…hate…” or “…love…” or “…want…” It doesn’t matter. Just let each word roll out of your head.

Go back and underline.

Once you’ve written for a few minutes, take your pen or pencil and underline those things which have popped out of your head that you want to do something about today. Now, you’re ready to begin your day.

The takeaway:

There’s a Scribbler up there in your head, writing the story of your life, without your permission. Mindless writing lets you see what he’s up to and take control of your own narrative.

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