Is your job secure? Find out how to determine your real value, no matter what the economy does this year.


Is it a job you want?

First of all, is it a job you want? Ask yourself this question. Because chances are good that you don’t love your job every day. So why would you want to keep it for a long time?

And yet, job security is one of the top things most men will tell you they want. What do we mean when we say job security? Mostly, we mean, “I want to make sure I have a steady income.” Right?

Or is it something else?

Maybe that’s not it at all. Maybe a steady income is not the ultimate goal. Perhaps what you are looking for when you say you want job security is something deeper.

Maybe you want to know that you matter. After all, if you truly matter, won’t you always be needed? If what you bring to the world has value, won’t you find a way to have enough to live on?

So maybe the question is value. Do you bring value to enough of the right people that you won’t end up on the side of the road, alone?

Do you matter?

This is the real question.

Do I matter?

At the end of the day, we all want to know that we are valued by those around us. We may call it job security, but what we really mean is: “what do I bring of value to those around me?” So please listen to this brief talk (about 14 minutes) by Matt Emersian about how it’s not about you, and how when we realize this, we find, paradoxically, that we do, in fact, matter.

The takeaway:

Once you realize that it’s not about you, you begin to realize that job security is found in serving others.

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