Another blurry day. Busy, but not really what you wanted. Disconnected. In the end, lacking in what really matters.

what really matters

How does it end? 

Why do you get to the end of the day and think: “Wow. That could have been better.”

It’s a little thing called denial. Meaning, you don’t really have a clear idea going into the day what really matters — what would make you happiest at the end of the day, looking back. So you doze through another day, thinking that maybe the day will magically give you what you want.

Think again. This day does not owe you happiness. If you want happiness, you’ve got to do the hard work of figuring out what makes you happy, and going after it.

What makes you happy?

Because while it’s true that there is more to life than happiness, happiness helps.

But what makes you happy? First of all, it probably has something to do with what you’re good at. But you’re not really sure of that either, are you?

Before we get too far down that dark well, let’s take a moment to think: “What does make me happy?”

Say it.

Speak it out loud. If you’re going to get more of what really matters into your day, you’ll want to declare what you want so you can hear it clearly.

Then, look at the gap. There is a gap between what you want and what you have. If what makes you happy is to have more sex and you’re not having enough sex, you’ve got to say it out loud. “I want more sex, but I’m not getting enough sex.” That’s the gap. Now you’ve heard it clearly.

Bridge the gap.

Now that you’ve said it, you can get it. That may sound naïve, but stay with me here. What you want is out there in the world now. It’s out of your subconscious into your awareness. You’ve said it. You know how you want this day to end. Which means you can begin with that end in mind and work your way toward it throughout the day.

Now the question is courage. Remember that courage means living from your heart. The word courage comes from the French word coeur, which means heart.

If you will live at least as much from your heart as you do from from your head, you can do it. Don’t overthink it or talk yourself out of it. Let your heart lead you into the foolish pursuit of what really matters most to you.

The takeaway:

Begin with the end in mind. Don’t overthink it. Say it out loud and start making your way toward what really matters. 

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