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Use this simple guide to navigate the gauntlet of success.

of success

Success is elusive.

What is success anyway? For some, it may be measured in dollars. For others, acclaim. But however you define success, if it’s truly success you’re after, it won’t be easy to get there, by definition. There will be some struggle and grind. Which is why it’s helpful to have some tools in place to help you achieve success without having to reinvent the wheel to get there.

Eat your P’s.

Your momma told you to eat your peas. And that was good advice. But now that you’re out in the wild world, competing for limited resources, you realize that maybe there’s more to making it than just what you put on your plate.

The five P’s are a simple guideline to stay on course when you’re feeling a bit lost in the day-to-day. Here they are:

  • Patience
  • Priority
  • Pivot
  • Partnership
  • Philanthropy

Let’s look at them one by one.


You can try to force your way through, but you will usually end up getting sent to the end of the line. So instead of pushing ahead, listen to what is happening around you and inside of you. Use the five P’s to listen and respond to what you hear, you will find that what you thought was the way will often be only part of the solution, and what you wanted may not happen on your timeline. Let patience guide your steps.


You’re wasting a lot of energy, because you haven’t decided what is truly most important to you. So along with patience, take time to figure out your priorities. Let them guide you when you have a choice to make, so you aren’t torn between too many masters and end up with less than you came for, exhausted and disillusioned.


As you listen and prioritize, you will find that sometimes the direction you are heading is not the right way to go. You thought it was when you began, but if you’re paying attention there will often be points along the way that suggest a change in course. This is the moment to employ the powerful pivot.


There is an old saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a partner.” Since we are speaking of success here, let’s look at the very real fact that success means you are not a flash in the pan. Success happens over time, as you deepen what you are good at and practice it. So get yourself partners along the way: emotional partners, business partners, partners of all kinds. That way, you’ll have someone with whom to celebrate your your big and small wins.


Whenever you have the chance, be generous. Philanthropy just means loving people. Success will elude you until you find ways to be generous with others on a regular basis, and to give your life away in service to others.

The takeaway:

Use the five P’s to navigate the gauntlet of success. Let them guide you when you feel overwhelmed, or just need of a breath of fresh air.

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