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Suddenly, a successful person appears on the stage. It may be a singer or an author or any number of success stories. And you think: Wow. How did they do it? Success comes one step at a time.

success comes

Sudden recognition?

Someone wins the Pulitzer or a Grammy or some other form of recongnition. You might hear about them on the radio or podcast, and you have that tiny twinge of jealousy. You think, “Where’s my photo opportunity?”

But when you look a little deeper, what you realize is that this person has been grinding for years. This is no flash in the pan. This artist or athlete has been writing or singing or playing their sport for a long time. They have become better the same old way: repetition.

Mastery comes.

Mastery comes through repetition. For almost everyone, it’s the same old story. You do it over and over and over again. There’s an old adage:

There is no glory in practice. But without practice, there is no glory.

So the challenge is to pick something and do it over and over. Which means that if you want to be really good at something, you need to choose among the many options, and get busy doing it.

The skill of confidence.

Please listen to this brief talk by Dr. Ivan Joseph about how to develop the skill of confidence, and then come right back for today’s takeaway.

The takeaway:

Sucess comes step by step. Choose something and get in your reps to become your most successful self.

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