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When you lose track of the basics, even the simplest things are difficult. Get back on track with these fundamentals.


1. Be a good animal. 

You live in a body. The problem is, you sometimes forget that. You’re so busy living in the modern world that you somehow think you’re above something as simple as human anatomy.

It’s completely understandable. The electronic world you live in has seperated you from some of the physical realities of life. Less than a hundred years ago, life was much more physical.

At any rate, what has happened is that you eat the wrong foods (way too much processed foods, for example), imbibe too many substances that alter your mental landscape, don’t sleep enough, and don’t get enough exercise. All of which throws everything off-kilter.

The solution?  Get back to the basics of being a good animal. Pay attention to the needs of your body.

2. Care.

Whether it’s office politics or the political environment on the local or national level, you’ve almost given up trying to make sense of who’s in charge and why there doesn’t seem to be a grown-up in the room: someone to make wiser choices for the good of the whole.

The result of which is that you care less than you used to, because at some level you’re just thinking WTF?

The solution? Dig deep and find that place in you that used to care more, and foster that attitude of caring.

3. Stay curious.

As a result of caring less and taking poorer care of yourself, you’re stressed and anxious. You’re in fight, flight or freeze mode. The result? Curiosity has faded, because you’re preparing for battle.

When you’re in battle mode, you limit the range of possibility for yourself and those around you. Which is bad for everyone, but most especially for you. Because at heart, you are a caring, creative guy. But you’re on the ropes.

The solution? Even when everyone around you is in turmoil and conflict, stay curious. Keep your options open.

Start here.

Please listen to this brief talk (about 12 minutes) by Julia Galef on the “scout mindset,” and then come right back for today’s takeaway.

The takeaway: 

Remember the basics: care for yourself and others so you will be ready to meet the challenges of the day.

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Get focused and Get moving.