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You would think that after all you’ve done, your desk would be cluttered with thank-you notes. But it’s not. Why not?


Here’s why.

If you’re doing it for the applause, you might be disappointed. Especially if what you are doing is creative. In other words, if you are creating something new and valuable, and offering it to the people around you, there is often a lag between your offering and a positive response.

Why? Because people may not understand what you are offering. They may even be the opposite of thankful: they may be upset or even angry, when what you’re thinking is: “Here’s this cool new thing I want to give you.”

It’s not easy.

By choosing the creative life, you have chosen a more difficult path. You could easily go along with the crowd, nod your head yes, not make any waves. But that wouldn’t be you, would it?

You may have heard the old saying:

Easy choice, hard life.

Hard choice, easy life.

Thank your creative genius.

While you’re thinking about who gets thanked and why, thank your creative genius. After all, it’s not your fault you were born creative.

The question is: what will you do with your creativity? You could ignore it. That would be an example of an easy choice that will result in a harder life. You can run, but you cannot hide. Your creative genius will eventually catch up with you.

Let’s hope it’s not too late.

Will you do it?

Will you make the hard choice to listen to your genius? If you will, your life will be easier. You may be thinking: but if I follow my genius, I’ll end up poor, and even more misunderstood than I already am.

I can tell you from where I stand, having run from my own creative genius for far too much of my life, that now, as I am in better alignment with my own genius (It sounds cocky, doesn’t it? But it’s true…) I am better and richer than ever before.

I hope you’ll try it. Engage your own creative genius and start living the life you’ll be thankful for.

Ready to listen?

Start here. Please listen to this brief talk (about 20 minutes) by Elizabeth Gilbert — and then come right back for today’s takeaway.

The takeaway:

Instead of looking for thanks from others, thank your own creative genius and get back to work. Olé!

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