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Your PPOP keeps exploding, like a landmine — unexpectedly. It’s that irrational fear that sets you off when you’re fighting with your partner. Or the thing that keeps you from moving ahead in business. And you’ve been avoiding it for years. Because you don’t want to face it. But it’s killing you. Maybe fast, maybe slow. But it’s keeping you from your best work and your best self. Don’t you think its about time to figure this thing out — and take back the control you’ve lost?


Stop this madness now.

There it goes again.

It’s confusing and it’s painful.

So why does this keep happening to me —

And at the worst possible times?

Find your PPOP.

It keeps happening because you haven’t taken the time to identify — and diffuse — your Personal Point of Pain.

And it will keep getting the best of you at the worst possible times —

Until you figure it out.

It’s like a land mine, just waiting for you to step on it.

And you keep stepping on it — or in it.

Over and over.

It’s not that hard to find.

So stop pretending.

You know what this thing is.

It’s been with you for a long time — like your old best friend and worst enemy — rolled into one.

But you haven’t had the courage to face it.

So you haven’t made the time.

So take a minute right now.

It might be that thing your mom or your dad said — or did — when you were young.

Or it might be something shameful that you haven’t come to terms with.

It probably has to do with a relationship.

For me, its abandonment.

All the members of my family abandoned me at one time or another.

First my mom.

Then my dad.

And then my only older brother.

Stop blaming.

But don’t get me wrong.

You don’t have to keep crying in your soup to identify and diffuse your PPOP.

I don’t even blame those family members any more.

After all — I’ve got a life to live.

But I have identified the problem — so I can get on with my life.

Get on with your life.

So identify your PPOP — that thing that sets you off.

I’ve told you what my Personal Point of Pain is — abandonment.

Now it’s your turn.

What is this thing that keeps setting you off — often at the worst times?

Because it’s always lurking — just beneath the surface.

So for me, if I get even a whiff of abandonment, it has the potential to set me off.

And it used to catch me off guard.

But I’ve grown used to it now.

I’ve identified it — and I’m ready to diffuse it, when it rears its ugly head.

So I can see it coming and head it off at the pass — most of the time.

Need a little help?

No worries.

We all need a little help now and then.

So if you’d like some help identifying and diffusing you PPOP, let me know.

As a men’s life coach, it’s part of what I do every day.

Just give me a shout out at

Tell me briefly what you’re dealing with —

And I’ll be sure to be in touch.