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speaking up

You’re a nice guy. Very helpful indeed to everyone except yourself. But isn’t it about time you started speaking up, and telling us what you really think and what you really want?

Nice image.

You are a creative man, created in your own image.

For years now, you’ve been creating this image of a nice, capable guy; always there for everyone.

Very helpful.

Not a problem. 

Except — all this nice guy façade is hard on you. You’re trapped by the very image that you, yourself, have created. 

Which means you have no-one to blame but yourself. Which also means it’s hard to get out of the trap you’ve set for yourself. 

Are you giving to get?

Giving to get means that you always have to give up something to get what you want. To let go of this mentality, you need to learn to speak up and state your needs without offering something in return. Learn to be selfish and start doing stuff purely for your pleasure or benefit. It is important to put your needs first to be able to stop being the pushover. Stop apologizing and explaining yourself for doing what you want. ~Men’s Group

Learn to speak up.

You do have something to say. It might take a little practice to form and express your own opinions. But somewhere, deep inside, you know that within you is a man who has all kinds of (good) judgments and insights which may be helpful to those around you, if only you would allow yourself to speak up. 

Everyone wins.

You may be surprised to learn that when you speak up, it’s actually better for everyone, including yourself. Which is counter-intuitive.

However, this concept is many centuries old. It’s called Enlightened Self Interest. Which basically means that when you do something good for yourself and share it with others, everyone wins. 

You have amazing contributions to make to the ongoing conversations that we are missing out on! You can help us by challenging us with your thoughts and opinions. 

So stop holding back! 

Start small.

As you will often read on this blog, start small. Take a small step. Add one small piece of your mind to the conversation. 

The takeaway:

Everyone wins when you speak up.

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