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What’s overwhelming you today? Maybe it’s time to get stoned.


Let’s get stoned.

OK. So here we go.

Take those ten possible options (or as many as you came up with).

Now – the fun part. From those ten (or so) good options, limit your list of options to just three.

That’s right. Cross off all but three of those wonderful options. Come on — you can do this.


Once you’re down to three possible solutions to your problem, from the original ten solutions, you’re ready to play the Game of Stones.

Because when you’re down to three of the best solutions, it can get really tough to decide which one of those solutions is best.

So now, with only three solutions left —

Write each of those three solutions out on it’s own sheet of paper.

And now — if you’d like — flesh out those solutions a little. After all, you have a whole sheet of paper for each of those three solutions.


So once you’ve got those three sheets with perhaps a bit more detail that you just wrote, lay them out in front of you.

And here’s where you’ll need ten small stones. Actually, you could use ten of almost anything small and available.

You could use pennies or nickels or almonds. The point is to get ten of the same thing.

Everybody must get stoned.

So now you’re down to three solutions and ten stones. Just lay those sheets out in front of you and start placing stones (or pennies or almonds) on the sheets.

You may end up with any number of combinations, (such as seven stones on one sheet, two on another, and one stone on the last; or four stones on one and three on each of the other two), but eventually it comes down to just one of the sheets having more stones than any of the rest.

And there you have it!

Your decision.


Fleshed out well.

Done —

Just right.

Have a good time.

So you see — decision making can be fun! And rewarding, and physically satisfying.

Because the more you play the Game of Stones, the better you’ll get at finding that sweet spot of complex and satisfying solutions to sometimes overwhelming problems.

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