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Whatever happened to  your curiosity? It’s not weak to be curious. In fact, curiosity is at the very heart of leadership.


You’re curious.

Problem is, you dont want anyone to know. Why do you hide your curiosity? More than likely, it’s because somewhere along the way you were told implicitly or explicity that asking too many questions is girly or weak. You came to believe the lie that leaders have answers, not questions.

It’s not true.

In fact, just the opposite is true. Leading men are the ones who ask questions, who get us thinking about what the teacher just wrote up on the board but everyone else was afraid to ask.

Go ahead and ask.

This is where you come in. Use that natural curiosity you were born with to ask what you want to know. Ask the six basic interiewing questions of

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • Why
  • When
  • How

When you do, you get to the heart of what everyone else at the table is wondering — but afraid to ask.

Make your move.

And then, once you’ve asked your questions, you will have a much clearer idea of what we’re actually talking about and be able to lead. When you ask questions and then listen, people will tell you stuff they would never say if you were always the guy with the answers. And by drawing upon the wisdom of those around you, you will be better prepared to move people in a good and well-considered direction.

Give it a try.

Ask your questions. Don’t be shy. We need for someone to get to the bottom of this mess and lead us somewhere that makes sense.

Key point:

Use your natural superpower of curiosity to get to the heart of the matter and lead us somewhere that makes sense.

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Want more help?

I can help you develop your natural gifts of curiosity and leadership.

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