As a creative man, you struggle every day to keep moving — without losing the complexity and the zest. Because what you’re doing is by definition difficult, because it’s never been done before quite the way you’re doing it. So keep your cape on — you’re going to need it.


Keep your cape on.

What you’re doing is difficult. It’s not easy being the guy who decided to be a magician. Or a furniture maker. Or a host of other ways that creative men make their living. So stop trying to pretend you can do it part-time. And don’t deny it. Because the fact is, when you deny it — when you try to act normal and blend in — you’re making it even more difficult. When, in fact, what you need to do is to keep your cape on.

Don’t try to hide it.

And it makes sense. Of course you want to blend in. Because otherwise, you always feel like people are staring and talking about you behind your back. And let’s admit it. You don’t even want to say it yourself: “I’m creative,” or “I’m an artist.” And everyone, from your mother to your neighbor next door becomes someone to hide your unusual ways from. But when you hide it, you only make it more difficult. After all, it’s hard enough trying to hear your song, without all the noise of the people around you judging you as “slightly off.”

It’s all right to stand out.

So knock it off. It’s all right to stand out. In fact, we need for you to be outstanding. We need your talent, your gift, your spark. So many men live their lives in quiet desperation. While other creative men are dying on the vine — without any feeling of kinship. And then, there are the many others who don’t have your gifts and need you to lift them into a new and different awareness. So please stop hiding. Because it takes so much effort to find a phone booth in which to change these days, and you’re wasting precious time that could be spent developing your gifts and your craft.

I’m one of you — a strangely creative man. My unique genius is to help you uncover, claim and develop your own super powers. It’s what I do every day: work with creative, overwhelmed men. So if you’d like a bit of a nudge and some time-tested techniques to get the juices flowing, please get in touch with me at Or go ahead and book your free 30 minute session. As a men’s life coach here in Portland, I’m ready to help you get focused — and get moving.

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